Black Mountain Ranch

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Remember City Slickers? The 1991 movie in which Billy Crystal causes a stampede and births a calf and saves it from drowning, all in the midst of an existential crisis of epic proportions? Yeah, well, if you go to Black Mountain Ranch, it's not really like that.
We are a small, family run guest ranch in the heart of Colorado. Our goal is to get guests to say "that was the best vacation of our lives!" Check around and let us know if we can help you have a vacation to remember this summer!  Plenty of activities around the ranch. A sampling: Roping Lessons, Shotgun shooting, Pool, Hot Tubs, Fishing, Arena Riding, Mountain Trails. We have plenty of terrain to ride on from canyons to mountain peaks! From novice to expert we will match the horse, the ride, and the group to each rider’s ability. Our horses are professionals at giving folks without much riding experience fantastic experiences.  It is their job. Our staff is from all around the world and shares a common passion for horses, the mountains and showing guests an amazing time.

Doesn't that sound fantastic: horseback riding, a swimming pool and hot tubs, and shooting in the mountains? Plus did you see the pictures of those baby goats?? We'll never want to leave!

Hmm, maybe we should have our own mid-life crisis. Chuck the sticker racket and the cul-de-sac and go live the rest of our days on a ranch, wearing chaps and talking to animals. And getting in touch with our inner Jack Palance. Hey, a StickerGiant can dream, right?