Can Shaped Sticker Shares the Kure’s Craft Beverage Co. Story


Kure’s Craft Beverage Co. is a canned beverage company out of Loveland, Colorado, that's growing locally with their point-of-purchase distribution in craft beer venues where they are a non-alcoholic drink alternative and a mixer for craft cocktails.

For this die cut sticker, the artwork mirrors their can design, highlighting the Kure's family dog Bailey. Kure’s Ginger Beer was originally created in the kitchen of the founder John when he realized he could create a ginger beer that was not only delicious in spice, yet also using real ingredients. Throughout, he thought of his beloved pup while he started up the brand. They've found some coverage in business media, and it's great to see stories like John's. He started out at Left Hand Brewing, and then he decided to create something to address a need in the market. He'll be visiting us for our podcast, so you'll get to hear his whole story soon. They also have some grand plans as they grow their business.

Kure's Ginger Beer is available throughout Colorado and the northern half of Illinois, and you can check out their Where To Find page for a map of accounts.

More about stickers and labels for beverages

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