Custom Stickers Remind JamBase Fans To Go See Live Music


JamBase is a website that serves up content related to all things live music, and these custom shaped die cut stickers carry their call to action with the bold all caps JamBase font and blue colorway.

Back in 1998, when the internet was far less a part of daily life, Andy Gadiel and Ted Kartzman team up to create a platform that provided an online database of live shows, with a heavy focus on jam bands. The site added a news section that published reviews of live shows, and with the introduction of social media in the mid 2000s, the brand and its social channels have turned into a real-time destination for lovers of live concerts.

For music fans who crave the experience of live shows, JamBase helps keep them informed where and when the next show will be, and if they can't make the show they can read a post-show review or check on photos from their social media stream. Of course they have JamBase apps and a mobile friendly website so fans on the go can stay connected.

JamBase also offers advertising solutions. To address a growing need for artists, promoters, venues, festivals, and record labels, this savvy group of one-time fans and current business folks created customized, fan-targeted marketing solutions for the diverse range of brands that populate the live music community. In the process, they have delivered tangible, proven results for these types of clients as they work to deliver messages that align with marketing goals and drive awareness and sales for events, products and releases.

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It's doesn't matter if you're an aspiring concert pianist, a Spotify sensation or a big shot music promoter, a custom band sticker can help amplify your message. You'd be surprised at how creative your fans can be with the placement of your sticker. They'll slap it on a guitar case, they'll throw it on a stand amp, or they'll put it on their truck bumper, and in the process, your fans will become ambassadors for you. Let your fans work for you as they support you with a custom sticker.