Catalyze CU Demo Day 2016


Catalyze CU is excited to present their third year cohort at Demo Day, and we're so happy to be in our second year of sponsorship for this local community event. Catalyze CU is an eight week, summer startup accelerator designed for CU Students and Faculty: Think summer school for startups. Catalyze CU combines world class mentoring and equity free grants for the University’s most promising ideas and technologies, and this group helps makes these ideas and technologies succeed. We are lucky to print 250 free logo stickers for the eight companies pitching their ideas on Demo Day. We hope to see them on laptops and phones all over Boulder and beyond.

2016 Demo Day Teams Involved

  • Hive Tech Solutions - Allows beekeepers to apply scientific research to improve bee health and enables growers to integrate pollination into their operations.

  • iNForm? - Uses IoT technology to help people keep track of their important items preventing loss or theft before it happens

  • NoEstra - Eliminates estrogen and harmful chemicals from drinking water using advanced filtration techniques available at home

  • Qualify - Gamifies college mobile dating by requiring successful quiz completion before viewing someone’s profile

  • ShoeSense Running - Prevents injuries in runners by providing them with detailed data to know precisely when their shoes are worn out

  • Flutter Scholarships - Streamlines the way college scholarships are sought, completed, and managed through a universal application platform

  • Stateless - Revolutionizes the architecture for IT networks and introduces virtual devices that don’t fail and seamlessly scale


Team pitches will be in the ATLAS building auditorium and will be followed by hands-on demonstrations and snacks in the lobby. If you aren't in Boulder, or don't have the bandwidth to attend in person, check out the livestream or on-demand viewing after the event.

Head to Twitter to check out @CatalyzeCU  all of the event action.