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Matte stickers help sparks fly during Ignite Boulder 34

One of our top local event sponsorships of the year is happening tonight, and it's yet another sell-out edition. Ignite Boulder is one of the largest Ignite Talks communities in the world, and this 34th version is loaded with fun talks and short films. Oh yeah, and our new matte stickers will be on site at the beautiful Boulder Theater for the organizing team to promote their event.

Sticker design helps a brand stand out

Their matte sticker design has the perfectly cut shape with no backing, a main feature of our die cuts. You can see the Ignite Talks branding (sparks flying from the word Ignite) and location tag for Boulder as the foundation, which is a powerful image. The matte finish helps the sublimated background display the mountains of Colorado and signify this iconic setting.

More about Ignite 34 and thanks to the organizing team

Since this is a long-time sponsorship and members of our team attend the event, we wanted to give a gig shoutout to all of the folks behind the scenes that help coach speakers, prepare the slideshow, promote ticket sales, assist with ushering and much more. Ignite Boulder is 100% volunteer-led and organized by Glider, a local community group. It truly takes a village to pull of these types of events, so thanks to all of those folks. Ignite Boulder gives away any profits they make to 501c3 nonprofits. Let them know if you are up to something amazing and can use their extra funds.

Traditionally, the Winter Ignite is known as Winter Ball or "Nerd Prom," and when folks gather the getups are all over the map, as you'd expect from Boulder, Colorado. There's the ugly holiday sweater, the full ball gown, and of course, the shorts tuxedo. Truly, a range of fashion that are  all perfect for a night of geeky fun.

With Ignite Talks, presenters get 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation which lasts just 5 minutes. The motto is: enlighten us, but make it quick.

Ignite events are held in cities around the world. Find an Ignite near you, browse Ignite videos or start a new Ignite in your city.
Ignite Talks is a fast-paced geek event started in 2006 by Brady Forrest and Bre Pettis. Since the first Ignite took place in Seattle around 10 years ago, Ignite has become an international phenomenon, with Ignite events produced in Helsinki, Tunisia, Paris, New York City and over 350 other locations in between.

Ignite’s mission is “Everyone Speaks.” We believe that public speaking builds confidence in individuals and that events like Ignite build community. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to learn to present their ideas and their stories.

Ignite Boulder Matte Stickers make a spark

Since Ignite Talks are all about sparking conversations, it's only fitting that there's photo and video commemorating our first sparks coming from matte stickers. This happens when the roll passes through our laser die cut machine. As the laser traces the path of the sticker outline, it's zapping all along the edge. It's a really fun process to watch as the stickers all come out at the other end of the machine where they stack up, like you see in the photo above.

Here's the video we shot as this order went through shop.

Better World by Design Celebrates Ten Years of Design Thinking and Collaboration With Clear Stickers


Better World by Design (BWxD) is a student-led initiative at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design that celebrates interdisciplinary collaboration between designers, educators, innovators, and learners. This team envisions a world where design-thinking is accessible to everyone in order to catalyze positive change on a local and global scale.

The three custom clear stickers they printed up for this event feature, no surprise, some really solid graphic design that's on point with their theme "Blocks, Bytes, and Bars." They used a square and circle to hold their artwork, and the clear sticker choice means that wherever this sticker goes, the background will shine through. Simple vector lines and deep navy blue helps tie all of the stickers together.

By the way, that pale blue you see on the stickers here in the blog post is how we send out the artwork to customers, so they know that it's a clear sticker.

To celebrate Better World’s 10th year anniversary, they built a different kind of conference in order to break the conversational mold and reflect upon both their organization’s history and our common future. Blocks, Bytes, and Bars, uses symbols to provide an alternative method of conceiving the design process. These three objects can represent design’s traditional past, technological present, and aspirational future. Because of the nature of art and design, this symbolism invites multiple interpretations. Their goal is to craft "the theme in a way that will provide a fresh lens through which new stories, understandings and connections can emerge."

More About Design Thinking

By now though, you might be asking what's "Design Thinking"? Design thinking is a creative strategy used by designers as part of their process.

According to Brown and Wyatt in their 2010 article "Design Thinking for Social Innovation" that was published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, "as an approach, design thinking taps into innate human capacities but that are overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices. It does not only focus on creating products and services that are human centered, but the process itself is also deeply human." Donald Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things" is a great book if you're interesting in learning more about design thinking and how to incorporate this type of approach into your life and work.

Using these types of problem solving approaches, Better World by Design spends an entire year facilitating workshops, panels, and discussions that engage in and promote design. The year builds up to the annual three day conference on Brown and RISD’s campus to stimulate those ideas and inspire the team to continue these conversations.

We're sponsoring the event this year, in part because of their focus on community and sustainability. Through our collaboration, we've learned that Better World by Design  believes in designing experiences that supports a vision of an environmentally sustainable world. Using community and environmental impact as methods for decision-making, they work with local businesses and nonprofits to provide flavorful food and renewable energy.

Background on BWxD

But let's get into some history. In 2008, Sharon Langevin and Steve Daniels, Brown alums from the class of 2009, and Tino Chow and Mike Eng, RISD grads in the same year, founded Better World by Design to merge their schools and their academic fields to solve social problems from a holistic perspective. Over the years, Better World by Design has expanded its reach while fostering a close partnership between Brown, RISD, and the Providence community. This deep dive into the local area is another reason why we're on board with this team.

BWxD alums do amazing things in amazing places. Their website highlights those folks and profiles their work.

Here's a video about this year's theme and the 10th anniversary

BWx10: Better World Celebrates Ten Years! from A Better World By Design on Vimeo.

Every event needs a custom sticker and WordCamps in North Carolina, Utah and Oregon get creative


Would you like to learn about Internet marketing from some of the most respected WordPress experts? Head to a WordCamp!

If you're in Wilmington, Salt Lake City, these WordCamps are a part of the WordCamp.org and WordPress Foundation, and custom stickers will be on site for all. The WordCamp Organization is responsible for bringing the WordPress community together on a local and regional level. Each organizer is a volunteer and works alongside mentors to make sure that each event is fun, educational and structured, which is why we love to sponsor these groups.

WordCamp Portland has a sticker sheet with two Wapuus, including a peel off hat for the cuddly WordCamp mascot. He's on a unicycle with a flaming bagpipe (how very Portland), and he's clutching a box of Voodoo Doughnuts. Then they have the three circles with the event branding and WordPress logo. The have custom badges on their site for speakers, sponsors, attendees, organizers, and volunteers. Pretty cool customization for the two day event that will be going on at Lewis and Clark College.

In North Carolina, WordCamp Wilmington has a die cut stickers with a seaside theme, including a seabird soaring over their event branding and the WordPress logo. They are celebrating their second edition, and we are proud to be there for them as a sponsor as they continue to build their community.

Out in Utah at WordCamp Salt Lake City attendees will get a super cool WordPress shield on a die cut sticker, which will really rep nicely on a laptop or notebook. This will be a one-day conference that includes workshops, talks, a t-shirt, and lunch.

Have great WordCamps, everyone, and make sure to save some energy for the After Parties!

More About WordCamp and WordPress

WordCamps are casual, locally-organized conferences covering everything related to WordPress, the free and open source personal publishing software that powers over 75 million sites on the web. The first WordCamp was organized in San Francisco by Matt Mullenweg in 2006, and since then local communities around the world have organized hundreds of others.

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

Creative name tag stickers start conversations at Ignite Boulder 33

ignite-boulder-33-name-tag-stickers- blog

Ignite Boulder 33 goes live on Thursday at the Boulder Theater. Brave speakers get to teach the audience about their passion with 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. The result is a fast and fun presentation lasting just 5 minutes. Custom name tag stickers make it even more fun with whimsical phrases that serve as an instant ice-breaker for folks at the show.

We've been a long-time sponsor of this volunteer-run geek event that sells out the largest venues in town. Ignite Talk events are held in cities around the world, and we are proud of the Boulder Ignite community for making it to their thirty-third edition. With one mic, one presentation and room full of interested people, it's an honest discussion about community, culture and the world.

Ignite Boulder is run by a small group of volunteer organizers, which is why we love supporting this event. If you've read about this event on our blog before and you would like speak at Ignite Boulder, check out their website to see when applications open for the next round. Apply with the geeky passion you would like to teach the community about and a group of past speakers will collaboratively pick the next batch of speakers. The rules for speaking at Ignite Boulder can be found on their website.

At Ignite Talks, sparks fly.


Details about the next Ignite Boulder

What: Ignite Boulder 33

When: Thursday, September 21, 2017  |  Doors at 6 p.m.  |  Show at 7 p.m.

Where: Boulder Theater  |  2032 14th Street  |  Boulder, Colorado

Tickets for Ignite Boulder 33 are on sale now!

Colorado Jazz Group Presents the 7th Annual Jazz on 2nd Ave in Niwot, Colorado


Jazz on 2nd Ave is a world-class jazz event in Niwot, Colorado, a quaint little town tucked between Boulder and Longmont in Boulder County. We are a sponsor for this year's event, and we are excited for jazz fans as they listen to internationally known jazz greats in genres including contemporary jazz, Latin, funk, fusion, traditional, and big band jazz.

Produced by the Colorado Jazz Group, a 501(c)3 non-profit, all proceeds from this event go back into outreach and & inspiration for the next generation of jazz musicians. It's run by Front Range residents for Front Range residents. The mission of the Colorado Jazz Group is to reach new generations and inspire them to love one of the greatest of American musical traditions. Concert goers will be able to get food and drink from Cocktail Caravan, McDevitt Taco Supply, Sweet Cow, Umami Mobile Eatery and Steuben’s Food Truck, and there will be live art from local artists. It's a truly community oriented event, and we are proud to be listed with the other great sponsors in the local area.

Partnering with local & international artists, the Colorado Jazz Group serves Front Range schools and offers jazz education free of charge. In 2017 a partnership with the Vail Jazz Goes to School program brought a successful 19-year curriculum to three area elementary schools (Niwot Elementary, Sacred Heart of Boulder and Ryan Elementary). For us, sponsoring the Colorado Jazz Group puts us in the hearts & minds of the thousands of Front Range citizens, and we get to experience something we love: live music.

If you're in the area, this weekend, swing through Niwot, just off the Diagonal Highway in Boulder County.

Here's a video from last year to check out.

STL Sticker Swap Attempts World Record for Stickers on a City Bus in Saint Louis


When the team at STL Sticker Swap came to us with their crazy idea of setting a Guinness World Record for stickers on a bus, we were more than happy to entertain their vision. After all, we did the same thing a few years back when we built the World's Largest Ball of Stickers and Saul the Sticker Ball was born. STL sticker swap wants to promote the diversity of Saint Louis and celebrate local businesses in a fun and unique way, while setting a world record in the process. They printed up a bunch of different die cut stickers, including a fun name tag sticker. They are big with the magenta color theme, and they have a few different custom shapes to suit their creative design. The STL Sticker Bus is a super clean vector design, and then they also printed up sponsor stickers for those that are participating.

They want to share their love of stickers with the world. They have a few artist-themed stickers, but anyone can participate. Send them your stickers with a mail back stamped, and they will send you some of theirs to spread the love. Stick them on your wall, laptop, books, phone or on  a friend's back when their not looking. Share all your stickers bombing with them (#stlstickerwsap) and with us (#stickergiant).