Celebrating National Sticker Day with Saul and Friends Virtual Activity Book


StickerGiant is back with the annual tradition of National Sticker Day! For this year’s edition, your Big Friendly Giants are bringing fun activities as part of the celebration!

Since 2016, StickerGiant has celebrated all things stickers on January 13th, which is now known as National Sticker Day.

Stickers are everywhere, truly. Take a look around, and you’ll see stickers in your day-to-day lives as they provide businesses and individuals different ways to tell a story, to create portable billboards, to have fun, and to just bring a smile.

For #NationalStickerDay 2021, StickerGiant, a Colorado-based small business, wanted to bring people together in a virtual way with an Activity Book featuring Saul the World’s Largest Sticker Ball and his many Sticker Friends. The downloadable activity book, titled Saul & Friends, is for sticker fans of all ages to get creative and enjoy time together at home.

StickerGiant started in 2000 with a single sticker idea and has grown into a full-fledged business whose goal is to help customers tell their stories with high-quality stickers and labels, while creating a great place to work for all Giants (employees).

“We printed just shy of 3,000 miles of custom stickers and labels in 2020, and each of them tells a story,” said John Fischer, founder of StickerGiant. “We created National Sticker Day to celebrate the fact that no matter what your opinion, your taste in music, your favorite sports team or whether your kid is an honor roll student or not, in this country, you can share a message in a colorful and fun way. The humble sticker is the perfect canvas to tell a story or share your opinion.”

StickerGiant is home to Saul, the Largest Sticker Ball, who established a Guinness World Record in 2016 for World’s Largest Sticker Ball. He then rolled into the first-ever National Sticker Day that we registered that same year. He is one of the many fun things to find at StickerGiant; including, but not limited to, random karaoke hangouts, Giants joining meetings wearing fun virtual filters, and folks sharing virtual appreciations for one another every Tuesday.

Saul & Friends Activity Book

To celebrate the sixth National Sticker Day, StickerGiant recognized the unique challenges facing friends and families that love to gather and enjoy crafts and games. They are encouraging everyone to share their story by designing their own stickers using free templates that are available for download as part of the activities available at StickerGiant.com.

“Each year, National Sticker Day is a big deal at StickerGiant because it's one more way we celebrate our deep belief and value connected to personal expression,” says Beth A. Smith, Chief Operating Officer. “StickerGiant is a workplace where personal expression isn’t just okay, it’s encouraged. And, we get so much joy from being able to make custom stickers that help our customers put their personal expression into the world."

To get started on your Saul & Friends activities, visit https://www.stickergiant.com/national-sticker-day/saul-and-friends.

About StickerGiant

StickerGiant actively co-creates an environment where all Giants (employees) can bring their whole selves to work and to provide them with an equitable, inclusive, and accessible work space in alignment with their values of All In, Grown & Learn and Positive Energy. They have an open and transparent culture from the daily finances to long-term planning for the growth of the business. Having every Giant involved in the daily decisions helps keep a forward thinking and innovative approach to everything they do. StickerGiant helps businesses and individuals tell their stories by getting them custom stickers and labels fast.

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