2020 Year in Review - New Brands and Long-time Customers


It's been quite a year here at the Customer Story desk, and we've been honored to feature so many amazing ideas that turned into stickers and labels. Here's a round-up of our stories from throughout the year.

January Customer Stories

The year always kicks off with one of our favorite days, National Sticker Day. For this edition, we chose to highlight the Top Ten Stickers of All Time. If you like history and popular culture, these selections really span the generations with some truly classic stickers.

Stickers for internal design competitions are a fun way to bring a team together, and Codence did just that with their "We Kill Spreadsheets" sticker that will delight their staff as they rally around their mission to build better software.

Ian's Pizza has been a customer for years. They ordered paper labels to help brand their signature salads, and they really let their design stand out on the packaging.

February Customer Stories

Grand River Distillery used our new matte recycled paper labels for their maple syrup bottles, and the design was timeless.

Early in the year, we wanted to highlight a few stickers for business trends that we were seeing come through our shop. We focused on Hang Tag Cut Retail Stickers with UPC codes, Branded QR Codes on Custom Stickers, Static Window Clings For Small Businesses and Logo Stickers, and Sticker Packs.

OWL BOT is a Los Angeles-based digital cinema company started by Kenny McMillan that specializes in original, branded, and short-form content. Kenny used a matte label on a canister for a lens adapter that he sells on his website. It's a clean, yet bold look.

March Customer Stories

We like to print up stickers for our staff at StickerGiant, and one series we did last year focused on our Core Values. We have three Core Values: All In, Grow & Learn, and Positive Energy. This story focused on the All In Value that we brought to life with a sticker sheet.

Brandis Beard Co. is a U.S. Veteran owned company that uses Glossy Product Labels for their Beard Care Products. They are larger and very interesting as the founders run two inspiring businesses. The glossy product label is simple and effective, just like their products.

April Customer Stories

By April, the entire global economy was reshaping in the wake of the novel coronavirus, which altered how we live, work, and play. Here at the Story Desk, we tried to highlight a mix of businesses as they looked to navigate this new world. We saw many new businesses spring up in the early days of the pandemic, and (sadly) we saw many businesses start to close up.

The Mountain Fountain in Hygiene, Colorado, is a historic country store located at the crossroad of 17th Avenue and 75th Street, where the StickerGiant factory was located from 2003 to 2016. They are using a classic oval sticker shape for their rebranded logo. Oval stickers were one of our Top Ten Stickers of All Time from January, and The Mountain Fountain really went all-in on the oval concept.

One local industry that was impacted by COVID-19 was the craft beer business. We were able to get Eric Kean from Left Hand Brewing to talk to the Stickers on the Mic team so we could hear the story firsthand about how the Colorado Strong Pale Ale idea came to life in an attempt to give back to the Colorado Craft Beer industry. We even partnered with the program and helped design the beer label and donate the labels to the project.

May-June Customer Stories

The late spring and early summer saw the pandemic taking a deeper foothold across the country and social justice causes rise to the forefront of our national conversation. We took a step back at this time for those conversations to stay front and center, while sharing how StickerGiant was a part of these conversations regarding marginalized lives.

July Customer Stories

LETELLIER Skincare uses matte labels for their products, and this husband-and-wife founder team shared their enthusiasm for their new brand.

Human Plus Kind Co. Stickers carry simple messages that leave a lasting impression. The designer behind them started an Etsy shop that took off, and we were able to talk to her about how she comes up with her designs.

August Customer Stories

Cats really do run the internet, as we found out. Skinny Pete's Gourmet Catnip stickers and labels gave us the change to highlight a feline-based business on the blog. Talking with the founder Rich Jackson was a treat, just like his catnip products. And seriously, check out the pics of these cats in a catnip-coma.

The Victory Cheese Project is a volunteer, grassroots collective of cheese professionals – including cheesemakers, cheesemongers, chefs, and cheese guilds from across the country. They’ve come together to help their struggling industry, which has been deeply affected by COVID-19, and custom stickers are helping them win their marketing efforts with a branded piece of art.

Speaking of new businesses that launched during the pandemic, PPE Dude is a case in point. PPE Dude carries sanitizer, disinfectant, masks, and more, like tents for testing locations. The PPE Dude sticker is a superhero-like rendition of the owner Brian Ginsberg, who started PPE Dude as a division of Photobooth Backdrops, which had their event business drop off due to  coronavirus.

In the age of COVID-19, running any business is challenging, and for the team at Touch Art Supply managing the retail operations has required pivoting and creative problem solving. They moved their inventory from their shop to their homes so they could still ship out Art Supply Care Packages to online customers, and they put together a walk-up shop to serve in-person customers.

September Customer Stories

Real estate is a competitive business and marketing for agents and brokers requires innovation. That's where New England Sign Setters provides value to their customers by storing and installing signs all across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Their stickers serve as a portable reminder of their services.

360Rocks is a strategic guidance system for entrepreneurial leaders who want to create change through leadership development and sustainable operation. The 360Rocks stickers go everywhere, and they put them on water bottles, training materials, and anything that needs a little branding touch before it goes out into the world.

In Wisconsin’s Chippewa River Valley, Sunny Skies CBD operates a soil-to-oil hemp farm that produces Cannabidiol (CBD) products designed to give those suffering from pain and anxiety a safe and non-addictive treatment option. Their custom product labels feature their unique logo, a radiant sun shining over a field. In the highly regulated cannabis market, it’s important that a label convey a professional look and instill confidence in the consumer.

Hector Acuna is a mixed media artist who traverses a multitude of subject matter and media by collecting, integrating, and juxtaposing visual information. Hector chose a matte die cut sticker to showcase his art, and in this story, you can see how he adapted the painting into a sticker design.

October Customer Stories

Dimo's Pizza is a Chicago-based pizzeria that adapted to COVID-19 restrictions with to-go beverages and food. They use a clear label with bold typography for their cocktails, along with stickers for promotional materials.

Body Baked Body Butter is a business that makes and sells natural skin care products, with their Body Butter product being the customer favorite. They recently went through a re-brand, and you can see those efforts in the label. The design itself used a marble-textured background with a color gradient that gives the brand name a distinct look and feel with sans serif and serif typography.

Glow in the Dark Concept Studio is an independent IP studio based in sunny Burbank, California. They are a creative hub stocked with a dedicated team that crafts tales across platforms, from animated concepts and games to books and comics. Their sticker sheet is a complimentary piece of creative to their latest release Detectives!: The Mystery of the Missing Kitty.

It was an election year, and the "I Voted Sticker" was one of the Top Ten Stickers of All Time going into this year's National Sticker Day Celebration. Rachel Winn and Vania Lin created an"I Voted" kiss cut sticker for the pandemic era that featured many mail-in ballots where voters might not get a sticker at an in-person polling place. The designs behind the stickers were thoughtful, to highlight reasons voters turn out to the polls and to celebrate inclusion. They ultimately wanted to make sure that every voter could see themselves in a sticker.

November Customer Stories

Mike Wetsch is in the woodworking business, and Rockstar Woodcraft is his creative expression in action. To help promote the brand when a a new custom piece leaves the store, Mike uses a kiss cut sticker to give an extra bit of marketing. "I love the stickers that StickerGiant made for me. I stick one to every project that leaves my shop," he says.

Snail Mail is a creative studio that produces hand-painted cards, ornaments, prints and notebooks and (naturally) stickers. Their Think You Can Know You Can sticker is an inspirational message that really got us (and many others) through this challenging year.

December Customer Story

Okay Have Fun is a toy company that makes funny wooden toys with simple mechanical movements that are timeless and fun for all ages. Their designs pay homage to the old fashioned toys of yesteryear. Theirs is a rather novel use of a sticker sheet, as the stickers themselves help add the character features on top of their painted toy named "Scoots” - O - Possum.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along with our customer stories this year. It was truly inspiring to see new entrepreneurs start their businesses and to check in on long-time customers who were innovating in their business to keep things going. We cannot wait to see what next year brings for all of our customers, old and new.

Thanks for reading and happy new year!