Weave Clear Stickers Help Message Contactless Payments For Their Customers


The goal of Weave is to bring local businesses and the people they serve closer together, and clear stickers help their customers inform people visiting their businesses.

Weave modernizes the way businesses interact with customers, unifying data and all channels of communication onto one smart software platform. Every day is made of a mass of customer interactions, and Weave prides themselves on their ability to make make each interaction count.

Large and small businesses rely on fast, easy reliable and hassle free customer communication. Weave started with a primary focus on communication software for dental, medical and optometry offices. Within just a few years they have expanded into a wide variety of new industries such as spas, veterinary, accounting and salons. These businesses often rely on in-person contact and in-store foot traffic to operate, and it's important to message to customers before they even open the door.

To help solve that problem, Weave uses stickers for external communications, promotional materials and packaging. They also supply their customers with stickers to help them inform the public that their office provides safe, contactless payment options. The clear sticker you see in the photo above is one of those stickers, and it uses the transparent background as an advantage when it's stuck on the window of a business. Clear stickers are a heavy-duty label option for products that hold up in the outdoors. The white ink printing gives designers more options for a clean-looking, simple logo treatment that highlights whatever is on the other side of the glass.

If you’re looking for the right sticker for your front-facing business, look no further than clear stickers. Easy to read, easy to remove, and easy to brand - and we’re with you every step of the way.