Centered Snacks matte labels provide product information for their premium quality hemp products

Centered Snacks was created with the uncompromising “snacker” in mind, and in this case that snacker is both you and your pet.

This snack concept is for pet owners who want premium quality and environmentally mindful ingredients that improve well-being for themselves and their cherished pets. To help get this product off the shelves and into customer's hands, Centered Snacks uses matte labels to display all of the essential information on a smooth rectangular product wrap.

Every unique bite is carefully hand crafted in their Colorado kitchen by a diverse team committed to balanced living, and all of their products are infused with premium full spectrum hemp oil sourced and processed by their team. When you indulge in their favorite Centered Snack, there’s no compromising. For those unfamiliar with hemp extract as a food ingredient, think vanilla, but with additional wellness benefits. The flavors they offer for their people-focused snacks included: Chocolate Energy Clusters, Lemon Bursts Hard Candy, Orange Gummy Hearts, and Organic Avocado Tincture.

The same time and love they give their human snacks, they also infuse into the tasty treats for their furry friends. Each unique treat is carefully hand crafted in their Colorado kitchen by a diverse team of animal lovers. There are currently two products available, with flavored Dog Biscuits and a Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Tincture that has omega-3 fatty acids, which supports cardiovascular health, strengthens joints and the immune system, and fosters a healthy skin and coat. There are other flavors of pet snacks in development as well, so stay tuned.

The design team behind these Centered Snacks labels is Clay Pot Creative out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Their goal is to reimagine the role of a marketing agency, and they craft custom website designs, brochures, logos, and other signature marketing projects for each client's needs. Since 2000, they have worked in the Fort Collins marketing world, helping both local and international businesses. No project or client is too big or too small, and they have worked with a range of clients from small startups to governmental agencies.

More about matte labels

Matte labels work best when your product needs a high-end appearance. These labels have a soft, non-glare finish, and if you need to add custom text they offer a writeable surface with less smearing when using a permanent market. We can print custom sizes, and you can pick the exact copy position for easy application with a labeling machine or by hand, depending on your business needs.