Custom clear labels give Urban Beard NY All Natural Beard Butter a fresh look


A well-designed label is essential for any brand to stand out on the store shelf, and Urban Beard NY has a custom clear label that really helps their containers pop. Whether it's in a barber shop or on the counter next to the bathroom sink.

Urban Beard NY has ordered a few different label products, including our custom glossy white labels. We have three different label types, with clear, glossy and matte as the choices you have for your product labeling. The clear choice that Urban Beard has above works great on glass or plastic bottles where you can see the substance underneath, like a spray or beard butter. Below you can see the glossy labels on their containers.

Urban Beard All Natural Beard Butter has Vitamin A and is packed with Niacin, which greatly promotes the growth of a full, thick beard that will leave your facial hair feeling soft and smelling great after use. If you sport a beard, this product can become a vital part of your grooming regimen.

They have such a unique logo, with the Brooklyn Bridge cutting through the center of the label and the lush, well-buttered beard totally dominating the design. When it comes to New York City designs, you can't go wrong with the skyline and one of the iconic bridges that connect the island of Manhattan to the surrounding boroughs. At the bottom, their tagline "Made Here, For Us Everywhere" helps bring home the brand messaging with a proud slogan.


Applying clear labels to your products

With clear labels, you get a high profile branding opportunity, and it's important to know how to apply this type of label. We have a nice resource page devoted to the many ways our labels can be applied and what tips to use when applying clear labels.

Some customers have sophisticated labeling machines that can automate the process in a large volume settings, and other customers apply labels by hand, like these labels for Urban Beard. One thing to look out for is fingerprints, and we walk you through those steps for a clean and clear application that will still let your products sell themselves.

If you're looking to create a brand experience through your labels, why not try a clear label? Check out this video to see other ways that you can use clear labels.