Custom shaped stickers make waves for the Fresh Coast Co. Etsy Shop


When this fabulous custom shaped die cut sticker for Fresh Coast Co. came through the shop, it practically jumped off the laser machine it was so ready to enter the world. The wave illustration and the Michigan shape were dramatic, just begging for a sticker story.

Fresh Coast Co. is based in Michigan and they like to say they are fueled by nomadic inspiration, and their tagline is: Explore. Create. Inspire. The creative mind behind Fresh Coast is Taryn Handyside, and she's hard at work on the Fresh Coast Co. Esty shop, where you can find this sticker, plus handmade signs of different shapes and sizes featuring inspirational quotes.

This new addition of a custom sticker is a terrific complement to their store, and we're guessing that this is going to be a best seller, as a standalone or as an add-on for sign orders. It's a spot-on piece of branding for the shop, and it's a way for their brand to travel the world. The Fresh Coast Co story will soon be in the hands of their customers, who will share their story far and wide. Check out their Instagram feed to see more pictures of their products and of their travels across their home state of Michigan.

When we saw this design, we instantly thought of the famous "The Great Wave" painting, which is a woodblock print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. There's motion in the shape and the colors, with truly striking use of lines. We love that this sticker is out there in the world for sale, where Fresh Coast Co. customers can find inspiration of their own. The Great Lake State of Michigan has never looked so...great. You've got the mitten shape of the southern portion of the state and the Upper Peninsula resplendent with waves. What a fresh sticker concept.


Custom logo stickers for merchants

When you're running a small business, especially an online one, it's important to create a lasting impression for your customers. By offering a fun, visual option for sale, you can create an experience for customers while gaining extra income. Stickers are an affordable way to stretch your marketing budget, and your customers get a chance to represent your logo with a sticker wherever they go.

With die cut stickers, your logo or your artwork gets to shine with an exact cut, and with a crack-and-peel backing, your customer will have no problem peeling and applying your sticker in any setting.

Die cut stickers come in two different laminations, matte or glossy. Both finishing options are outdoor durable, so they can be used to help brand your business, as unique product labels, or as eye-catching coffee mug stickers, as you see above. The glossy finish will also have a UV laminate. The die cut shape wraps smoothly, even on curved surfaces like a water bottle or a travel mug.