Custom Labels Help Customers Show their Love for Ian's Pizza


Since today is National Pizza Day, and we're big fans of National Days, we wanted to highlight one of our longest-standing pizza customers, Ian's Pizza-by-the-Slice out of Madison, Wisconsin. Ian's started in 2001, the year after StickerGiant, and they've since grown from their one location near the University of Wisconsin campus. It's so fun to see these companies expand and tell their stories, and this custom heart-shaped label shows their love for their customers.

The first Ian’s opened its doors on October 31, 2001 on the edge of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and found immediate success, with esoteric slides like Macaroni and Cheese. The second Madison location opened on State Street in July 2005. Ian's is now in Seattle, Denver, Milwaukee and Madison. They have a great business culture and history, which they detail on their site, including how they've grown.

Using Stickers and Labels for a pizza brand

The option that Ian's went with is our glossy label that comes on a roll. This allows them to tag every box that leaves the store with a fun, customized piece of branding. Having custom labels on a roll is also an easier way for their busy staff to manage a larger quantity of labels, especially while they are getting hot pizzas out the doors for their customers. We see custom labels used in a lot of different ways at StickerGiant, from branding boxes and keeping customers engaged in your brand, to having an easy way to celebrate your love of National Pizza Day!