Custom Stickers Travel Far and Wide on the TeamSnap Taco Tour


TeamSnap is a company based in Boulder, Colorado that has employees all over the United States (60% in fact), and to bring their team together in person they hold an annual Company Summit. This year they called it the "TeamSnap Taco Tour" and printed a custom die cut sticker to honor the 2018 event.

Why a Taco Tour, you might ask? Well, since TeamSnap is a distributed organization they use technology to keep everyone in the company on the same page. The primary way they all collaborate and keep in touch is via Slack, a chat app that's been taking over for email in many organizations in only a few short years, including StickerGiant.

Part of the TeamSnap company culture is to reward team members with a taco in Slack from the Hey Taco Slack plugin, which is a fun way to spark conversation and build stronger relationships with a unique kindness currency: tacos.

We use Slack for internal communication here for keeping all of Team StickerGiant in the know on orders, machines, marketing, birthdays, business talk, and all of the other types of conversations you can imagine end up in emails.

As part of the Taco Tour, the TeamSnap crew gathered in Tucson, AZ at the end of January into early February. Thus, the cacti inside the taco, as you'll see in the sticker design that was featured prominently during the Summit, and wherever TeamSnappers traveled.

While at the Summit, they worked team-building, collaboration, and fun, all the while enriching their culture. So from Slack and remote offices to IRL and plenty of interaction, this team was able to bridge the gap and bond as a team.

More about Die Cut Stickers

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