Custom Matte Stickers from Technical Integrity Promote Their Recruiting Services at Denver Startup Week


Technical Integrity is celebrating all things in the Denver entrepreneurial technology realm this week with custom matte sticker sheets for Denver Startup Week, the annual event that brings together businesses of all kinds at venues all over the city.

The have the hashtag for #DENStartupWeek on the sticker, their social media profiles, and their tagline as a provider of recruiting services for startups. They're one of a clutch of sponsors for Denver Startup Week, and they decided to print up a fun ski goggle peel-off design on a matte sticker sheet. We have been working with the Technical Integrity team for many years, and we love to see them so involved in the community.

Technical Integrity is all about building community, helping great companies and candidates thrive, and serving a truly better world. It all boils down to their GiveFirst Ethos, which is similar to our #SaulGives mission to support community-oriented events. They first learned about this notion as a business related philosophy in 2008 from David Cohen and Brad Feld of Techstars (another of our long-time sponsorships). They say:
To give of yourself, your time, your expertise and your efforts with no expectation of anything in return - is truly a life-changing mentality. No joke. We built it into our DNA as an organization in 2010 and life has been a rocket-ship of goodness ever since.

We've been sponsoring events with Technical Integrity for years, including Ignite Boulder, Boulder Startup Week, and we are proud they chose us for their Denver Startup Week Stickers. They picked a fun, on-brand idea and executed it for all attendees roaming around Denver.

More about stickers and labels for emerging businesses

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