Custom oval stickers give Stokes Farm Local Honey a delicious product label option


Stokes Farm is a small town farm with big city charm. Located in Old Tappan, New Jersey, right on the New York-New Jersey line across the Hudson River from the Big Apple, Stokes Farm has been in operation since 1873 when it was started by Isaiah Stokes who immigrated to America from England.

They have stayed the course throughout history, evolving with the times and creating opportunities to distribute their produce throughout the region. One big presence in the city for Stokes Farm is the Greenmarket Farmers Markets, which they helped start up back in 1976. Today, the farm is 17 acres with 40,000 square feet of greenhouses. They've come a long way since 1873, yet they are still a mainstay in the New York City fresh produce scene.

For their custom oval shaped logo sticker, they've taken their fresh tomato logo with its brilliant red tone and placed it on a black background for maximum contrast. Above the branding, you see the product category: Local Honey. Then below the branding you see the product weight and then the address and phone number. This helps customers locate their business and get in touch with them if they have questions. This sticker is doing double duty as a product label, which is a great way to use a sticker that needs long-lasting outdoor durability.

At Stokes Farm, quality and freshness is everything, and their product branding matches their produce. The "Folks at Stokes" are passionate about their family and their farm, and they continue to serve thousands of happy New Yorkers and New Jersey residents with fresh produce and award-winning farm-fresh products. They are now in their sixth generation of farmers tending to their farm stands and market stands, and they are renowned in the region for their service and quality.

More about stickers as labels

When you're hand applying your labels, sometimes a sticker can be a great option instead of a label. If you're still wondering about how this works, check out our page that outlines the differences between stickers and labels. For Stokes Farms, our die cut glossy sticker gave them just what they need for their honey, but every farm and farmer is different, and we have a sticky option that they can be customized to match nearly any brand.