Elegant Labels and Slappable Stickers Give Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique a Branding Lift


Denver's Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique started up in January of 2014, when the green wave crested over Colorado and recreational marijuana sales began on the first of the year. On that day, the first Lucy Sky Boutique Dispensary opened in the upscale neighborhood of Washington Park, and set the bar high by providing a clean, safe, environment for recreational and medicinal marijuana and merchandise.

The Lucy Sky Cannabis motto, which is emblazoned on the doors, says "Enter as a guest, leave as a friend." To deliver on that promise, they call their point-of-sale staff Cannabis Advisors, rather than the industry colloquial term "budtender," and each Advisor is trained "to ask questions of each visitor, to take a genuine interest, to glean personal information about purpose, use, habits and expectations so that an educated recommendation can be made about strain and method of ingestion."

Nothing at Lucy Sky is prepackaged. When the marijuana is delivered to the boutiques, it's weighed with each individual purchase, deli-style. The goal? Each customer gets the experience they're expecting. They use our matte product labels for their on-shelf jar labels, and they leave empty space to write the product information and strain potency on the label so it's easily displayed for customers.

Taking their name from a line from the popular Beatles song "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," Lucy Sky Cannabis also adds in the diamond shape into their design and branding. For instance, look at the custom die cut circle stickers they call "slappers" that sit at the point of purchase for friends to take with them. You can see all of the different diamond designs on these stickers. They say that they can't keep these on the shelf, as they are very popular as a bonus takeaway and easy portable for customers.

When running a cannabis dispensary, solid branding and elegant design go a long way. The entire space at Lucy Sky is modern and clean, and the products reflect that aesthetic as well. By using custom stickers and labels to give their brand a visual identity, Lucy Sky Cannabis helps inform potential customers with great design that communicates essential information and creates an experience for their returning customers. This way, their friends get by with a little help from their favorite cannabis brand.