Custom shaped logo stickers from Nature Always Inspires complement their apparel


New to Etsy this year, Nature Always Inspires out of Haddonfield, New Jersey, has carved out a niche in the apparel space that promotes a love of all things natural. They printed up a custom shaped promotional sticker of their logo, which highlights a design that uses simple linework to create an instantly memorable tagline. You can find the sticker on their storefront along with a few shirt options as well.

When it comes to running a business, you have to have a philosophy, and for this company they like to say they make fun stuff and they allow nature to inspire them along the way. You can tag them using the hashtags #naturealwaysinspires and #naiapparel to show your love for Nature Always Inspires.

Their products are ethically made and produced with nature in mind to keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. For Nature Always Inspires, the goal is to give back to the planet and the community by donating time and money towards meaningful causes. With these stickers and their other branded apparel, they hope that you will allow nature to inspire you everyday.

More about promotional stickers

When you're starting an online store or a lifestyle brand, stickers give you an easy entry point for your brand to travel far and wide. Nature Always Inspires chose a matte finished die cut sticker, which has a smooth finish and a completely custom cut for their shape. They are outdoor durable, and they make for ideal add-ons for orders from your store, or they can be a single purchase items for fans that like to slap your brand on their laptops or water bottles. You can mix up the colors and the shapes for your stickers, so you can give your fans many options. Nature Always Inspires is sure to motivate their customers to get out and find their inspiration in nature.