Custom Shaped Stickers Give Artist Diana Ptaszynski Extra Flair for Her Online Store


Artist Diana Ptaszynski features custom shaped die cut stickers in her online store as part of what she calls a "flair pack." We serve many artists with stickers, whether they are for sale or for promotional use. Seeing all of the creativity and hard work come to life on a custom sticker is what we do, and seeing folks like Diana create art and put it into the world is what makes a great sticker story.

The flair pack highlights her original gremlin and gnome designs that were turned into digital illustrations by Chloe Cheatle, and they are just one of a few products she has for sale, from pendants and necklaces to bracelets and brooches. You can find her at shows displaying her wares, and you can check out her studio on her site.

More about custom shapes

By picking an economical option for custom shaped stickers, Diana has made a great choice for her online retail website. There is a glossy finish on these stickers, but our custom shapes come in a few different styles, and you can pick from matte, clear and glossy. There are no setup or artwork fees on our custom stickers, and you'll get full color printing so your designs will pop. You can use stickers to sell, or to reward your customers either in their shipped order or at the point of purchase. There's no end to the uses of a custom sticker, it's just up to you and your creativity.

Our die cut stickers are individual stickers with the back liners cut to the size and shape of the sticker. We don't charge any die cut fees for custom shapes, and we print in full color on white polypropylene with UV laminate for outdoor durability. That outdoor durability will come in handy for your sticker because it will last through whatever your customers throw at it during their adventures. You can just imagine this gremlin sticker traveling across the country as a main character in someone's Instagram, and it all leads back to Diana and that spark of creativity.


  1. Thanks for featuring me and thanks for making great stickers!

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