Custom shaped stickers help fans of WHYY radio in Philadelphia promote their car donation


When you have a campaign running, there's nothing better than thanking your loyal fans for their support. For example, take the folks at the WHYY Vehicle Donation Program who reward their contributors with a custom shaped die cut sticker. It's a perfect piece of promotion and fun, for everyone involved.

WHYY has the exact shape of this clunker station wagon as the background for the sticker, with the phrase "I donated my last ride to WHYY" and their logo as the end of the sentence. There's a bright, neon-yellow green that is the border for the car, and then they were able to fit virtual "stickers" of the logos for NPR, PBS, WHYY and the 90.9 radio station tag on the station wagon windows. A truly whimsical, yet fully effective, piece of branding collateral, one that's guaranteed to turn the average WHYY fan into a full-fledged brand ambassador.

WHYY is a FM radio station and public media organization in the Philadelphia Region, and they serve an audience that includes Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. They broadcast from Independence Mall in Center City, Philadelphia.


One part of public radio fundraising is the used vehicle donation program. If you're in the market to get rid of an old car, WHYY makes it simple, fun, and free. Participants in the WHYY Vehicle Donation Program also receive a membership to WHYY and have access to all member benefits.

Other reasons to donate your car is knowing that your donation helps fund new and current programs. Many NPR stations across the country have a vehicle donation program, and you bypass the cost and hassle of repairing or selling a car you no longer want — and you get a tax deduction.

You can access WHYY on television, radio, in the community and right online with podcasts, apps and a website full of content. Check out their sticker heading through our die cut laser machine, and see how the custom shape gets cut. It's quite an interesting process.