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Jilly Pads Always Has A Pad For Those In Need

Jilly Pads is a humanitarian mission dedicated to distributing period hygiene to people who menstruate and are experiencing scarcity. The hashtag for the group is #doyouhaveapadyes. Jilly Pads was created by Jillian Ward-Butler, who saw a need in her community. "I started this when I ... [Read More]

The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast Uses Stickers to Promote Their Show

The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast is a production from long-time friends and nonprofit professionals Brittny Wilson and Nia Wassink. They started The Nonprofit Reframe Podcast to talk about the realities of the sector that nobody wants to talk about. For their show, they wanted to create ... [Read More]

Project Angel Heart Brings the #SkilletLove

Project Angel Heart has almost funded their new tilt skillet, so it's time for a new one of their #SkilletLove stickers! Everyone that contributes to their fundraiser gets one of these awesome custom shaped stickers. Donate at their Skillet Love fundraiser page to help them fully fund ... [Read More]