Dimo's Pizza To-Go Cocktails Sport Tasteful Clear Labels and Even Better Spirits


Dimo’s Pizza exists to lead the charge in creating a positive, long-lasting impact for their guests, their team, and their communities. They are a pizza-by-the-slice shop at their core, and they believe that their unconventional pizza can only be as relevant, radical and creative as the people who make it, support it and love it. These days, that's a crucial mission for a business of any kind, and Dimo's has had the foundation for success.

Dimo's founder, Dimitri Syrkin-Nikolau, attended the University of Wisconsin- Madison where he worked at Ian's Pizza, a long-time customer of StickerGiant and friend of the blog. Dimitri brought Ian's to Chicago (Wrigleyville) in 2008 and shortly after decided to open Dimo's Pizza to strike out on his own. The brand started construction of their second location in the Wicker Park neighborhood in 2013, and they have continued to create magic one pie at a time.

Dimo's Pizza is well known for being the place to go grab a slice and soak up some of the alcohol after leaving the bars, but before calling it a night. Prior to March 2020, their growth focus was on maximizing their throughput and efficiency as well as continuing to stay ahead of food trends. They had weekly, monthly, and quarterly pizza specials, and they began offering sales of alcohol at their Wicker Park location. They also began an immediately-successful catering program in 2019, all while engaging with their customers and focusing on their hyper-local communities.

It was this focus on local that has helped Dimo's weather the storm of COVID-19. “Post-pandemic has been a whole new ball game. In April 2020, we diversified our menus significantly. We started offering at-home Pizza Kits, Take N Bake options, alcohol to-go, new desserts, new alcohol options (which has led us to these amazing bottled cocktails),” says Jay Westcott, Chief Operations Officer of Dimo's Pizza. “We also have a proprietary online ordering system on dimospizza.com, that we redesigned as the industry shifted it’s focus to delivery in pick-up.”


Designing Clear Labels

For these clear drink labels, the design is minimal, yet uses typography for maximum impact. The name of the beverage extends vertically along a rectangular shape hugging the right side of the design. The key to this design, however, is the use of negative space whereby the letters lack a fill and allow the color of the drink to shine through and illuminate the type. It's a wonderful sleight of hand from a design perspective, and the technique really leverages the power of the clear label.

Other than these labels, Dimo's is using stickers and labels across their business. "Our "Dank Brownie" stickers have been in rotation for a decade," says Westcott. "We also use stickers as promotional material and as informational material. We currently use a die-cut sticker with a QR code for new item feedback." Over the years they have had stickers for sale and giveaway, and that's always part of their offering to customers.

Dimo's Pizza continues to innovate in their marketing and in their pizza making, and it's paying off for their business. With the right design, any brand can get their products out into the world and make a connection with their customers.