Body Baked Body Butter Labels Give A New Look To This Growing Brand


Body Baked Body Butter is a business that makes and sells natural skin care products, with their Body Butter product being the customer favorite.

"I’ve always been a girl who loved DIY skincare projects so it came a little easy for me," says Terah Eatmon, founder of Body Baked. "My mother suffers from psoriasis and since I was younger I saw her go through every regimen you can name, from the shots in her scalp, to the prescribed creams that we all know have chemicals."

That led Terah to do her own research in spare time when she wasn't working her full-time job. She came up with key ingredients that she knew would work for her mother to help target the problematic areas. "Knowing how the product that I made helped her and her confidence, made me want to branch out and help other people with their own skin insecurities," says Terah. "It doesn’t just have to be psoriasis, eczema. People also suffer from dry skin, dark marks, stretch marks, skin inflammation. Some of our customers don’t have any of those issues and still want to feel great."

Terah notes that in this current day and age, people "are trying to stay clear of chemicals and lean more toward a natural product," and that she is trying to serve her target customers, which are women of all walks of life. "Mothers even buy my body butter for their infants and toddlers because it is a product that is great for sensitive skin," Terah says. "I have those who suffer from skin issues, to those who just want to have that glow during the summer time."

One key moment in her business what when she was recovering from a surgery, which gave her the chance to grow her business. "I was off for a good month and a half so I was able to push out more content and come up with unique ideas that involved my brand," says Terah. "Before that I would go to different events that needed vendors, so that helped me get my product in people's hands. But at that time it was going at a slower pace. Now it’s at a faster pace and I’m just trying to stay ahead."

Designing and Updating the Brand

When it comes to marketing and branding, Terah focused on the look of her brand. "I wanted to come up with a look that would pop when you seen it on shelves or in a magazine," she says. "Branding colors are everything to the eye. Being present on social media is really important and I’m not just talking about post anything. We try to be creative with everything we post, because content is key. You’re able to reach out to people that could be potential customers."

She also used stickers and labels on jars and in sample kits. She recently went through a re-brand, and you can see those efforts in the label above. The design itself used a marble-textured background with a color gradient that gives the brand name a distinct look and feel with sans serif and serif typography. Achieving this shine on a matte label is no easy feat, but she really brought it all home with flair, and according to Terah "everyone loves the transition I made throughout the years with my labels and I couldn’t be happier." Body Baked Body Butter comes in a variety of scents, including Baby Powder, Lemon Mint, and Almond Coconut Milk (the best-selling customer favorite). There are also samples available to test drive and find your favorite.


Body Baked Samples. Photo from Body Baked Instagram.

Health and beauty products make up a $140 billion global market in 2020, and it's projected to be close to $190 billion by 2025. Body Baked is poised to keep growing with this segment, and a well-thought out branding strategy and product is just one key to this brand's success so far. We're looking forward how their story unfolds.

You can connect Body Baked on Instagram: @bodybaked__ or Facebook: bodybaked