Dr. Smoothie Cafe Essentials Labels Highlight Their Updated Branding


Dr. Smoothie is a brand from Chicago-based beverage industry leader Bevolution Group, and this product has a storied history and an equally bright future. With bold branding and clean design on their glossy white labels, their customers know they are getting a daily dose of delicious with each smoothie.

The legacy of Dr. Smoothie goes back to 1997, when it became the first shelf-stable fruit smoothie mix free of artificial ingredients. In the last twenty years, the Dr. Smoothie brand has changed the smoothie and specialty beverage game a few times. They like to say they "offer a healthy dose of the unexpected," and that their "clean label lineup" ranges from certified organic smoothie concentrates to decadent frappes and specialty beverages. At the end of the day, Dr. Smoothie wants to satisfy the customer, no matter when they enjoy their beverages.

Dr. Smoothie has many products that have come out over the years. In 2001 Dr. Smoothie introduced a frappe line called Cafe Essentials, which is the label you see here in the image above. Then in 2003, Dr. Smoothie added a real fruit line called 100% Crushed. Fast forward to 2013 and they brought the first vegetable-based smoothies to their lineup. By 2014, there were certified organic smoothie and frappe lines without GMOs. That's a lot of product innovation in twenty years. In the year of 2018, Dr. Smoothie updated their packaging and relaunched the Cafe Essentials line.

These custom labels help promote their elegant, yet simple, typography and the design matches their "clean" and real fruit product lines.

More about custom product labels

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