Introducing StickerGiant GIFs

Maureen Gif

At StickerGiant, we’re all about telling stories, which is why we want to share with you how we’re updating some of our storytelling. Now, we have an exciting new way that we will be able to communicate with you: StickerGiant GIFs.

Why StickerGiant GIFs?

In short: People love GIFs. Spend five minutes scrolling Facebook or Twitter, and you’ll see a stream of comments where people are replying to one another with GIFs. We wanted to be able to engage in those conversations in a novel way. I mean, just look at Maureen in the GIF above. She's happy, friendly and she's all about helping a customer on their order, and this GIF shows that.

Now the question becomes: Why StickerGiant GIFs? As a company, we have always prided ourselves on using many forms of communication across multiple channels online and in person. Lately, we identified that Emojis and GIFs are a way that match our “Fun, Fast, Friendly” personality as a business. In identifying this evolving format of online communication, we decided to pursue the creation of our own GIF library to brand and personalize our interactions in a new fun way.

We wanted to do our own, branded GIFs, in part because we could involve our team in a fun project, but also because GIFs fall under a grey area of copyright law and fair use of media. Instead of sharing a Star Wars GIF or a something from a Will Ferrell movie, which might fall under copyright, we have SG GIFs to share internally and externally.

Wait, what’s a GIF you ask? Well, the Graphics Interchange Format, better known by its acronym GIF, is a bitmap image format that was developed in June of 1987 by a team of computer scientists at the bulletin board service provider CompuServe (‘member them?).

We have a whole channel on for our staff to pick from when it comes to interacting with customers via email or chat, and now we have a fun, branded way to communicate on social media with customers and fans. It’s a delight moment that we love to employ when the time is right

All StickerGiant GIFs are uploaded to GIPHY and we created a branded channel for them to be available to everyone. We love how this showcases our fun personality as a business to the world. The channel is important because it is the best place to go for looking at and sharing out GIFs. Head to to see all of our GIFs.

How You Can Use GIFs

The best way to utilize these GIFs is to install the GIPHY app on your phone, create an account.

Email Adding in a GIF reaction to the end of the email can make someone’s day. To add a GIF, select the Insert Image icon in your email. From here, just paste the link from the desired GIF and hit “Insert” and it will paste inline on your email.

Social Media Each social media platform is a little different, just know you can share the link from GIPHY or use the GIF function in your native social app.

Text Message That’s right! If you did not know, you can insert GIFs into text messages. Apple and Android phones have a nice feature with apps on texts. When launching a text message at the bottom there is a series of icons that if you slide over, will bring you to apps that have GIFs or Emojis attached to them. Look for the Giphy app and select the heart button to pull up your favorites, then fire away.

Have fun and enjoy these GIFs!

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