Enter Leviathan: Artwork in Many Forms & Promoted with Custom Stickers


Enter Leviathan, a place that celebrates artwork in many forms including tattoos, album covers, murals and even their logo printed as a custom sticker to promote their shop.

Leviathan was created by Ben Theisen and Christel Perkins. It's a Denver based tattoo shop housing four artists that create incredible artwork. They are about way more than tattoos though as their focus is to encourage art in any form or expression. Leviathan recently hosted their first makers night called The Creatory hosted in the tattoo studio. People gathered to create using any medium from drawing, painting, building, tinkering, sewing and more.

When you Enter Leviathan it's all about art and they know the importance of getting their artwork out in the world. They printed up some awesome custom logo stickers with us to help spread the word about Leviathan. This portable billboard of their business is now leaving events and their shop so people recognize their name and know where to come for various pieces of art or tattoos.

We always get super excited to see businesses like Enter Leviathan getting so many people into artwork and we know their stickers are going to help them along their journey. Cheers to great art in all it's forms.