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Enter Leviathan: Artwork in Many Forms & Promoted with Custom Stickers


Enter Leviathan, a place that celebrates artwork in many forms including tattoos, album covers, murals and even their logo printed as a custom sticker to promote their shop.

Leviathan was created by Ben Theisen and Christel Perkins. It's a Denver based tattoo shop housing four artists that create incredible artwork. They are about way more than tattoos though as their focus is to encourage art in any form or expression. Leviathan recently hosted their first makers night called The Creatory hosted in the tattoo studio. People gathered to create using any medium from drawing, painting, building, tinkering, sewing and more.

When you Enter Leviathan it's all about art and they know the importance of getting their artwork out in the world. They printed up some awesome custom logo stickers with us to help spread the word about Leviathan. This portable billboard of their business is now leaving events and their shop so people recognize their name and know where to come for various pieces of art or tattoos.

We always get super excited to see businesses like Enter Leviathan getting so many people into artwork and we know their stickers are going to help them along their journey. Cheers to great art in all it's forms.

Claw & Talon Tattoo


Bringing artwork to life in more ways than one. Claw & Talon Tattoo is creating amazing tattoo designs and making them into custom stickers to promote their shop.

There are three artists that make up the shop; Vinny, David and Ryan, each has their own unique style. Claw & Talon is in Boulder, Colorado making it a popular spot for residents and travelers to stop in.

Claw & Talon is all about providing an excellent experience for people to get tattoos. Whether it is a design picked out from the artist, or your very own idea, they will work with you to make it easy and comfortable to get the perfect tattoo.

To show off their style, they put together a great black and white design to promote the shop. It looks amazing printed as a custom die cut sticker, as the edges of the sticker are cut around the custom shaped design. This is a killer sticker to be applied around the shop and to hand out to folks getting work done at Claw & Talon Tattoo.

Denver Tattoo Masquerade 2016


Centrally located in the heart of downtown Denver, Tattoo Masquerade will unite thousands of tattoo artists, painters, vendors, performers, and art lovers from all across the nation. There will be 40,000 square feet of ballroom and meeting room space at the Colorado Convention Center for this year's Tattoo Masquerade. Over this three-day event, more than 140 tattoo, vending, and live art booths, in addition to entertaining performances, and music will be on the schedule. They did a sticker sheet and a full event logo sticker on a black background with some sweet illustrations for smaller tear offs.

What's super cool is that Denver is ranked 5th out of the 15 Top Tattooed Cities in the US by Inked Magazine, which means that Tattoo Masquerade will be a premier multi-art expo, unlike anything before seen in the heart of Colorado. The expected attendance is in the 8,000–10,000 range, which is a lot of folks talking about a lot of ink.

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more.

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Tattoo Inspired Apparel from Casas Ink

Casas Ink

"I'm inspired by individuals that can create something out of nothing." - Aaron Casas

Tattooing is an art, performed on the most difficult canvas of all, human skin. Tattoo designs bring out some of the most surreal art, but it is not often one finds such detailed art on clothing and apparel. Casas Ink was born from a way of life with the purpose to create artwork in many forms.

Casas Ink is run by Aaron and Megan Casas. Aaron is the artist and graphic designer and Megan, the businesswoman. Aaron enjoys creating art in multiple mediums, or as he puts it:
"My artwork is created with the goal of making the human mind think. I try to create imagery that causes a dissecting thought process in order to make out the overall piece. I enjoy the reactions of individuals when viewing my art. Some are amazed, while others look in shock. The longer they stare, the more they see. My artwork is mainly dominated by surreal imagery. Recently, it has taken a twist into the world of tattoos due to my new career as a tattoo artist. I’m now creating a world of surreal and tattoo inspired art."

In addition to his prints and t-shirts, Casas Ink is also creating some awesome full color stickers from Aaron's art. The logo design of an octopus with a house comes from the meaning of "Casas" translated into "houses" and the octopus representing the ink. This turns into a nice custom logo sticker to represent their brand.

Whether representing your own artwork, or a company brand, custom stickers can inspire fans everywhere.

Ink to Stickers: Steveston Tattoo

Stevenson Tattoo Blog

Tattooing is an art form that brings out fantasy, mystery, and everything that people love. Self expression in art placed on the body. Tattoos also make great stickers, which is why we want to talk Ink to Stickers with Steveston Tattoo.

Steveston Tattoo is based in British Columbia, with four tattoo artists designing some awesome tattoos. One of the coolest things Steveston Tattoo does is a Walk In Day. Set aside on the last Saturday of every month, for all those last minute, awesome art concepts that can't wait a couple weeks for an appointment

Steveston Tattoo showcases their art not just in tattoos but also in paintings. They also are consistently sending us awesome artwork to turn into four color, beautiful stickers on white and clear depending on the design.

Tattoo artists definitely deal with the toughest canvases in the world and we are happy to give them a quick alternative to showcasing their work in stickers.

Ready for a New Tattoo?

hyponotic tattoo parlor sticker

Have you thought about waking up on Monday morning with a new tattoo?

The chances of that happening in Las Vegas just might be statistically higher than anywhere else in the country.

We recently printed a gorgeous set of stickers for Hypnotic Inks Tattoos of North Las Vegas, Nevada, where you can "unlock your inhibitions, unleash your hypnotic side and enjoy the atmosphere of mirth and talent."

Hypnotic's intricate artwork and typography set this sticker apart from the crowd. The highly detailed feathers, pinstripe designs and drop-shadowed lettering invokes visions of custom cars and meticulously hand-lettered sign work. Look closer at this sticker ... you are feeling very sleepy ...

If you run a tattoo parlor, your crowd of happy customers will be proud to display your sticker on their tailgates. It's subtle and effective marketing that carries your message, whether it's across town or three states away. Call us and we'll get you started on your sticker voyage today!