Wapuu Down Under at WordCamp Brisbane and Patriotic Stickers heading to WordCamp Boston


We've got two wonderful destinations for sticker sheets this weekend, with WordCamp Brisbane and WordCamp Boston each receiving custom shaped peel offs that feature stunning full color graphics and localized designs.

For those new to custom web development platforms, WordPress is one of the top digital publishing tools on the internet. This open source software powers over 28% of the web. WordCamps contain lecture-style sessions, panels, and workshops about WordPress and the tech industry.

We've used WordPress for some time, and we're proud sponsors of WordCamps all around the world. When the WordPress local community gets together, magic happens, whether people are learning about content management or networking at an After Party.

Let's begin stateside and then head Down Under to talk all about custom sticker sheets. What's always cool is how the designers at WordCamp incorporate their ideas into the overall website design and WordPress theming.

WordCamp Boston


Our friends in the Bay State welcome WordCamp Boston 2017 with a patriotic-themed sticker sheet, with five different peel offs in a red-and-white palette. There's some appropriate colonial iconography like a furled WordPress flag and a ship's steering wheel, all done up of course with WordPress logos. It's a simple, yet effective, use of a sticker sheet, where the layout is economical and creative, and with great vector design and good aesthetic, this sheet will travel wide. The design team styled the website in a similar fashion, with an antique map and a muted earthy background that calls back to colonial times. Boston University will play host to this year's event.

 WordCamp Brisbane


The team at WordCamp Brisbane 2017 went with our clear product for their sheet that boasts four peels off, with four different Wapuu's. Two of these Wapuus are the same, both sporting a customary bush hat, with one in a full color treatment and in black and white. You'll note that these are also kangaroo Wapuus, with a little joey WordPress logo peeking out of the pouch. The third Wapuu is the classic mascot in yellow and the blue WordPress ball. The fourth Wapuu is on the event branding, which features the Brisbane skyline. What's super unique about this sticker sheet is that it's printed on our clear sticker material--what you see there in the artwork above is how we display a proof for a clear sticker, with the clear background in blue.

You can see below how the stickers apply when they are not on the sheet itself. Pretty nice use of bold colors and simple lines. Kudos to the designers for embracing the clear product option!


They have a full slate of content for all attendees, a great location at QUT Garden Point Campus in the Cube Building, and a super cool element they brought in for this year: Badges, where sponsors (like us!) can display on their website or social profiles.


Big Thank You to All Organizers

As with all WordCamps, these events are 100% volunteer powered, which is of the main reasons we've sponsored for so long. So shoutout to the teams in Brisbane and Boston. Thank you for all that you've done for your community in advance of this weekend.