Global Startup Weekend Means Innovation Around the World


Wow is all we can say about Global Startup Weekend. Ten different TechStars startup weekend sponsored stickers are traveling the world this weekend, and we couldn't be happier for our startup community, and we couldn't be prouder of our organizing teams. Here's to everyone involved from Canada to Italy to Greece to England to California to South Korea to Australia to France to Canada to Honduras and Colombia.
Startup Weekend Santa Cruz is a grassroots event, organized by volunteers who currently live and/or work in Santa Cruz. This is a unique opportunity for developers, designers, social justice advocates, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, students, engaged citizens, marketers, product managers, changemakers, nonprofit leaders, startup enthusiasts and many others come together to team up and build several new social enterprise startups in just 54 hours! Startup Weekend is part of the largest entrepreneurial community with 80,000 past attendees of 905 weekend events in 501 cities within 135 countries, as of 2014. This is big, and we are excited to see which companies sprout during our weekend!

Startup Weekend Quebec City has a custom shaped startup weekend cannon beaker ready to blast some entrepreneurial energy across Canada. Startup Weekend Exeter features a black rectangular sticker with a peel-off of the startup weekend beaker inside. Startup Weekend Rome has the Startup Weekend beaker wrapped in the famous Colosseum with bold grey text. Startup Weekend Trikala printed up a custom shaped silhouette of the local clock tower, located within the medieval fortress of the old town. Startup Weekend Santa Cruz has a green circuit board on a square with a black hand cupping the SW (Startup Weekend) and SC (Santa Cruz). Startup Weekend Mackay has a black square with rounded corners and pink rocket ship along with the Startup Weekend logo branding. Startup Weekend Seoul sports a green circle with a vector outline of the city and mountains and their event hashtag. Startup Weekend Strasbourg has a lime green custom shape with the Startup Weekend lab people and the outline of the local cathedral. Startup Weekend Ottawa has really detailed sticker, with a flying loon as the dominant theme, a crown atop with a beaver and trees below, and a hashtag #hustle in the middle under the Startup Weekend beaker that has a maple leaf coming out in a bubble. Startup Weekend Pasto has the lab people in local attire and some Andean style art part of the branding. Startup Weekend San Pedro Sula is an Education themed Startup Weekend, and the lab people are wearing mortar boards. A rocket flying off completes this sticker.

Whew that's quite a roster! One of the coolest parts of these global sponsorships is that we get to see little slices of regional life in these places, with stickers that represent the cultures and cities in unique (and colorful!) ways. We look forward to seeing the ideas that come out of this weekend of innovation around the world.