Globetrotting Mural Artist Kiptoe Creates Traveling Art With Sticker Packs


Kiptoe is creator who makes his work come to life through stories and animations infused into paintings and videos. His new sticker packs are an example of his ability to transform his large-scale, real-world murals into compact, portable pieces of art.

After moving across the country from New Hampshire to Los Angeles, Kiptoe decided on a goal: to paint murals around the world. After a few years in LA, he took the initiative and activated the entrepreneurial spark within as he traveled through South America building murals. He produced travel episodes along the way, taking his growing YouTube audience along for the ride with every mural and every country.  You can watch his mural travel series on his YouTube channel, as well as stop-motion animations and short films, and short-form content through his Instagram page. 

Kiptoe finds his inspiration through comics, sculptures, movies, and his own life adventures, and he has worked for private clients, small and large businesses, as well as the entertainment industry. He has painted in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, England, Lebanon, and across the United States.

When he's not painting, he enjoys video production (clearly!), dancing, long boarding, and lots of peanut butter. His YouTube channel has 424,000 subscribers, he has a Patreon if you want to contribute, and of course his Facebook and Instagram as well, where you can see more of his process in real time.

How Kiptoe Makes Sticker Packs

Check out his video on how he makes his sticker packs. The creative process is fascinating, and you can see Kiptoe's talent at work when you watch him working in Photoshop. His use of shape, color and line work, are what gives his stickers an iconic look that fits perfectly into his brand aesthetic. His choice of a die cut sticker is ideal for how he's created the stickers. In the video, he even talks about how he added a larger background through a shape to give the sticker more density and sticking surface. It's that level of detail and intentionality that really makes these stickers stand out.

And the animations and editing on the video? World class.

Kiptoe's creativity is one of many unique stories we are proud to tell here at StickerGiant. Artists help create change in the world, and Kiptoe is helping spark creativity with every person that passes one of his murals and with every fan that picks up a sticker.

We able to get Kiptoe to sit down with our podcast team for a longer interview about his process and what's next for his art. Give it a listen on our podcast page or wherever you get your podcasts.

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