Long May They Run Podcast Sticker Sheets Create Lasting Impact


Long May They Run is a new show from C13Originals, a division of podcast company Cadence 13 that specializes in on-demand media. Cadence 13 creates, distributes, markets and monetizes premium audio products in partnership with creators and brands. To promote season one of Long May They Run, the art team at Cadence13 printed a 4-inch by 6-inch sticker sheet.

There are five different stickers on the Long May They Run Season 1 sticker sheet. Let’s start in the top left corner and work clockwise to finish in the middle of the sheet. The first sticker is the name of the show and the season, which focuses on the band Phish. Moving left, there’s the tagline for the show “Iconic Bands Lasting Impact” that also includes the social handle @LMTRPodcast, which helps drive engagement on their various accounts. Then there’s a tour bus sticker with the name of the show and the social handle again. In the bottom left there’s a peel-off with the season information and social handle.

Last, but clearly most important, in the middle of the sheet is a QR code that when scanned takes a user to the Long May They Run podcast page in a new browser window on their mobile phone. The landing page of the website has an audio player with the most recent episode loaded. As the user scrolls down, they are presented with four subscription buttons for the podcast players where the show can be found: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Radio.com. The latest episodes help round out the page.

The name of the show borrows from Neil Young’s song Long May You Run, and the sticker sheet will truly help create a lasting impact for the show as it progress from season one into new stories. As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, marketing impressions remain vital for these types of digital content offerings. A physical piece of branding like a sticker ensures that the message can live on long past the last listen.

More about the show from their website:
From the team that brought you Root of Evil and Gangster Capitalism, comes a brand-new series, Long May They Run, a groundbreaking music documentary podcast series. Season One focuses on the band Phish. There are great bands and there are great albums. But, there are only a handful of artists who have sold out stadiums for decades, redefined the bond between artist and fans, influenced a way of life, and innovated an entire industry along the way. Hosted by music journalist Dean Budnick, LMTR tells the story of a band, their fans, and the journey that made them one of the most successful touring bands of all time. With over 50 interviews, season one of LMTR will shed light on a band who helped to pioneer an entire industry on many impactful and important levels, doing it their way. Long May They Run is a production of C13Originals, a division of Cadence13.


Sticker sheets are a designer’s playground, where any idea can turn into miniature peel-off stickers and an entire story can unfold on the background of the sheet. Sticker sheets can print in large or small sizes. Whether they are used for promotion at events, as retail products or even as educational devices in the classroom, a sticker sheet is versatile and economical.

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