Glossy Cream Cheese Labels and Custom Stickers Spread the Los Bagels Love Across Humboldt County


Photo Credit:Los Bagels Bakery & Café

Los Bagels Bakery & Cafe has been embracing cultural taste through boiled and baked organic bagels since 1984. A Humboldt County original, Los Bagels prides themselves as a multicultural café that blends Jewish traditions and Mexican tastes for a truly one-of-a-kind dining destination in Arcata and Eureka, California. We're proud that they use our glossy labels for their cream cheese containers, both the larger size you see above and their 8oz. containers below.


Photo Credit: Los Bagels Bakery & Café

During Jewish and Mexican holidays like Purim, Dia de los Muertos, Christmas and Hanukkah, Passover, and Mexican Independence Day, Los Bagels brings people of different cultures and backgrounds together for a shared experience: Food. They have events and special dishes that accentuate these cultures. The rest of the year, their diverse menu of pastries, breads, and goodies provides something for everyone to snack on. Customers flock to Los Bagels for the baked bagels (of course), but they also crave the Challah, Macaroons, & Knish, as well as Empanadas, handmade Chorizo, Pan de Muerto and their freshly made Guacamole.

One of the original founders, Dennis Rael, was raised in a multicultural family, both Latino and Jewish. This blended background created the unique tastes and flavors that set Los Bagels apart from other bagel shops. In 1984, Dennis and two other founders decided to open Los Bagels out of an old butcher shop in Arcata, California, and they are often onsite taking orders at the counter, boiling and baking organic bagels, or volunteering at many community events. Los Bagels is known as a community gathering place, and their team is proud to serve traditional, boiled and baked bagels to the people of Humboldt County and beyond.

They source goods and materials that can be recycled or composted where possible. We divert our bio-waste to local compost programs that improve our community farming. Bagel waste is donated to charitable organizations in need, converted to consumer products (such as chips or whiskey), or sent to local farms as feed for livestock. They have diversion partners and sustainability projects that really give back to the community where they live and play, and their solar program helps power their organic bagel production.

They are also using our Glossy Kiss Cut Stickers and Clear Stickers to help brand glass jars that are for sale in their merchandise area. You can see their white skull design on both products, but you'll notice the black background versus the clear background and how that helps the design pop off the jar in a different way. This is a unique use for our sticker product, and it's a great way for their customers to bring a piece of Los Bagels home with them. They also have a stickers-for-sale stand at the point-of-purchase so customers can pick their favorite design to take and stick wherever they choose.

This mix of labels and stickers really helps Los Bagels spread the love across Northern California with branded products that feature long-lasting durability and top-notch design.


Photo Credit: Los Bagels Bakery & Café