Novel Effect Sticker Sheets Turn Every Reader Into A Sticker Storyteller

Novel Effect is a voice-driven storytelling app that blends physical and digital worlds to create immersive and interactive experiences across books, videos, and games. Today's story is about this custom designed sticker sheet that promotes the app with fun designs and a call-to-action that seeks to drive app store downloads.

Founded by wife-and-husband pair Melissa and Matthew Hammersley, Novel Effect is a graduate of the 2017 Amazon Alexa Accelerator, powered by TechStars, which helped give them a runway for the business to take off.

Back when they started in 2015, the goal was to enhance storytime using technology, but without introducing distractions for young readers. This app also addresses a larger concern of childhood literacy, which is a core skill of early education, and how to bridge school and home so that parents and families can help early learners. There's also an educator component that helps teachers engage an entire class with a multi-sensory reading experience and connect a variety of learning styles. The mission? To ignite curiosity and spark a passion for reading while demonstrating the infinite possibilities of a story.

They are well on their way to success, as they raised $3M in Series A funding in a 2018 funding push, and they've been able to grow the business and add features to the service.

Their hope is that whether you are a parent, a teacher, an older sibling, or a caregiver, Novel Effect will make it easier for you and a child to come together around a book and share a memorable moment. They want to help you revisit cherished books from your childhood in new ways and discover new books with your child that they may one day share as a parent themselves.

Sticker Sheets Allow Multiple Designs and Provide Ample Marketing Touch Points

To help promote Novel Effect at events, the team printed up a 5" x 7" sticker sheet with ten different whimsical designs and phrases, two that include their tagline "Let's Read Aloud". Most importantly, they designed the sheet with some artwork around the stickers with messaging to users that displays how and where to apply the stickers.

As far as sticker designs go, users get one of a pair of creatures reading, three featuring comic-book style phrases (BOING! KABOOM! and SPLASH!), one with a bookworm and another of a book. For the header of the design, we see their logo, along with copy that says "Read aloud with your favorite books! Novel effect will flow along and play music, sound effects and character's voice customizer for every story." For the footer area of the sticker sheet, copy says "Download the free app today!" leads into the Apple App Store icon and the Google Play icon. This helps direct potential app users to the proper place for download, while using the rest of the space on the sticker sheet with their designs.

The underlying power of this sticker sheet is how it turns each Novel Effect app user and sticker lover into a master storyteller through intuitive and intentioned design.

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