Guarantee Restoration Services Started With A Desire To Help Others


Guarantee Restoration Services was founded in 1974 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, out of a desire to help others.

Christina Riviere is their marketing manager, and she oversees Guarantee's social media and website. "Today we are a full service property restoration company," she says. "But like many business, we started small, out of the apartment our original owners as a carpet cleaning business." Through the years Guarantee has expanded to a full-service operation, branching out into water damage emergency services and fire damage clean-up by building relationships with insurance agents and adjusters.

Their next evolution was becoming a general contractor to help rebuild homes after fire damage cleaning was complete. Then, they added air duct cleaning services, which today has become an integral part of maintaining indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings.


"We offer like pre-loss planning services as well," says Riviere. "Especially down here on the Gulf Coast, we deal with you hurricanes and flooding issues annually. We work with both commercial and residential partners. Our team focuses on different verticals from schools to government entities to healthcare facilities."

The company has locations in Louisiana and Mississippi, with Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette, Gulfport and Jackson as areas of operation. "We have day-to-day work with mold and biohazard remediation, pre-loss planning, and reconstruction,” Riviere says. GRS really swings into action after major weather events that sweep across the Gulf Coast region. “Whether it is a hurricane, flood or fire, and we need to get in there as soon as possible to start assessing damages to prevent secondary issues from happening. Our mission is to ensure quick continuity for the lives and businesses of those we serve.”

Guarantee Restoration Services have used stickers for promotion, like you see with the die cut sticker of their red-and-blue typographic logo that looks like both the letter G and the letter R, with the wrench inside the logo as a symbol tying the design together.


They also have used smaller stickers to help brand giveaways to customers during the holidays and for special gift bags that their business development team can take into the field. "During Mardi Gras season, I wanted to get stickers for king cake boxes. It is such a Louisiana thing to say, I know, but we need something small for these boxes, and we needed them fast," says Riviere. "We put in the order and got them delivered quickly, and they were perfect. They have been a big hit with not only our team members but to those who receive goodies with our stickers on them!”