Sara Bryki Co. Shares the Healing Wonders of Crystals

Sara Bryki is a certified crystal healer and founder of Sara Bryki Co. Her mission to help people build stronger connections in their lives through the use of stones & crystals.

We caught up with Sara in the midst of a series of changes for her business as she starts the new year. Our contact point with her brand was her subscription boxes, where she and her team place a variety of custom stickers in each order.

While Sara has stickers for sale on her website, the brand and concept of Sara Bryki Co. is more than just crystals and stickers, it's an entire educational ecosystem that harnesses the power of crystals, with a soon-t0-be opened retail space in the works.

"This has evolved quite a bit from what I originally started in 2008 under a different name" says Sara. "Originally the brand was Earth Energy Stones, but I wanted to move out of just selling stones to more of a crystal education brand."

Now she is growing the overarching brand, with Sarah Bryki University getting started to teach people how to use the stones and crystals, and then there's the the monthly membership. The big move for 2022 is to start a retail location, with the concept under development.

"The big news now is that I'm also opening my first brick-and-mortar," she says. "I don't have the name just yet, but it will be here in Millersville, Maryland. We can't wait to open up and connect with our community."

Sara Bryki Co. is a team of seven at this point, with creative, design, operations, marketing and business strategy all under one roof.


Thanks to Sara for reaching out to our customer success team to share her story, because now we get to share it with you.

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