How Custom Coffee Labels Brew Your Brand To Life


Custom labels can tell a story for your coffee business and create a cohesive brand impression. Add a personal touch to every customer interaction with branded coffee bean bags, to-go cups and glass bottles that feature your customized coffee labels.

Learn more about how to tell your brand's story with a fresh batch of customer-sourced design tips and ordering tricks that help create a buzz-building coffee brand.

Custom Label Products for Coffee Brands

In the photo above, you can see a clear labels on the cups and a matter paper label on the bag. These two products have different uses, as you can see, but they work seamlessly together to help unify the Moon City Coffee branding. The clear label is ideal on the to-go cup and glass bottle. Below you can see how the custom shaped clear label lets the coffee shine through the clear cup, while the square glossy paper label on the glass bottle helps create a larger area for typography and design elements.


We specialized in custom shapes for food and beverage labels, and custom coffee labels have many different design concepts that our customers implement in their product mix.

Customize Your Labels


The matte recycled paper labels in the photo above feature a design based in function and utility. There are blank spaces that are writable and allow for customization and standardization for your inventory and your packaging.

You can choose how many product attributes you want to feature on every label, and then decide how and where you want to write by hand on your labels. This design concept is an optimal treatment for whole bean bags and on-demand ground coffee. The ability to add a filled or roasted on date, region, blend and other product information makes for that personal touch that builds brand loyalty for your customer, every time they make make a cup of coffee.

Don't Forget the Custom Stickers

When it comes to creating awareness for your coffee brand, there is nothing better than making sure your biggest fans can represent you wherever they are by giving them a custom sticker.

Hear how our friends at MECO Coffee Collective use stickers and labels for their coffee shop. Isaac Olson, one of their co-founders, shares how StickerGiant has supported his various business ventures through custom stickers and labels.

When your customers swipe their card and get ready to take off from your counter, take a moment to create a brand enthusiast by giving them your logo to slap wherever they want, whether it's their favorite insulated mug or water bottle, their car or bike, their at-home bean jar, or their laptop. Choose Die Cut Stickers to have next to your register, or select Kiss Cut Stickers for a stackable option you can display next to other merchandise.

Either option is a win for your brand, and your fans will be overjoyed to share your story.

Freshly Brewed Customer Stories

We love seeing how our coffee industry customers use stickers and labels for their business. Here's a small sample of great stories.

SisterYard Cold Brew Clear Labels Perk Up Their Bottles

Yami and Tina are the Correa sisters behind The Sister Yard, an organic cold brew coffee brand that uses clear labels. They were born in Venezuela, raised in Miami, and are now based in New York City. The SisterYard began as weekend cooking classes in their backyard. On weekdays they had their regular jobs, but they cooked on nights and weekends. Check out the simple white text on their clear label and how it pops off the glass when it's filled with that dark, delicious cold brew liquid.


Matte Labels Give Graziella Coffee A Boost

Tony Ponte grew up as a second-generation Italian whose grandparents were farmers in southern Italy before coming to America. His family spent years in the coffee business where he grew up in Connecticut, but he didn't see his future in the family trade. He took the motivation from his friends and family, and he tapped his roots to come up with Graziella Coffee Company, named after his grandmother. He's using matte labels to help give his paper bags that extra boost of branding, with the top seal label and product origin labels complementing each other perfectly.


The Coffee Ride Uses Stickers To Spread Their Story

Lastly, we recently visited our friend Josh at The Coffee Ride to check in on how his business has grown since we last talked to him on the podcast in 2019.

This is just the start of what coffee roasters can do with their custom coffee labels. The only missing ingredient is your creativity to build buzz for your business.

Once your coffee is in a custom labeled cup or bags, your brand takes on a whole new life as your customer takes your story out into the world.