Lehman College CodeJam 2017

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the first-ever CodeJam at Lehman College in New York. CodeJam was started by the chapters of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at this Bronx-based senior college that's part of The City University of New York system. Their goal is to celebrate Lehman College students’ diverse skill-set and focus on innovating for the university community.

Lehman College is a very diverse university made up of students from many different backgrounds. When NSBE heard SHPE was joining Lehman College, NSBE decided that it would be best to collaborate with the group to better serve our university’s expanding, diverse community. As part of that new alliance with one another, the group decided to design a new combination logo, and that's what they printed up for their custom die cut sticker. They started by joining the NSBE green and SHPE blue colors with a gradient that meets in the middle, which represents the new community they have created. The logo is made of two shapes that form an upright letter N (representing NSBE) and a sideways letter S (representing SHPE). Pretty cool use of typography and shape on a custom event sticker.

CodeJam is open to Lehman College students from all majors and skill levels, and it's an opportunity for participants to put their classroom learning into a real-world settings, while also making new connections and creating something innovative for Lehman College. We sponsor many different kinds of events, but lately we've been working with some technology-focused initiatives like hackathons, robotics competitions, and Startup Weekends. We love seeing youth involvement in entrepreneurial activities that can provide an educational, aspirational public service to their community.

Some background on where this all began, from the group themselves.
In Fall 2014, a group of Lehman College students banded together to establish NSBE at Lehman College and now we have partnered with the Lehman SHPE chapter to organize workshops, study sessions, talks/seminars, hackathons, and several other events throughout the year to support the goals of NSBE & SHPE and help our members from all backgrounds and majors achieve success in academia and their future careers.

You can connect with the teams and the event on their social media streams: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


  1. This awesome! Good to see companies supporting students

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