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Twice the hackathon fun this weekend


We have two student hackathon sponsored events this weekend, with one in Virginia college focused on cyber security and one New York high school introducing new people to computer science. Our custom shaped die cut stickers will be on site for everyone to enjoy.

inNOVAtion Hackathon

Starting tomorrow Northern Virginia Community College will be hosting its the 2017 inNOVAtion Hackathon. The thirty-six hour period will be filled with tech talks, programming and cyber security practice. Also, die cut stickers. The team went with a cool themed custom shape that features a yellow security badge (because cybersecurity) and network line on top (because technology). It's simple, iconic branding for their group and their event. Kudos to the design team on this.

What's unique about this hackathon -- and we sponsor our share -- is that this event will focus on secure coding to advocate for a more secure cyberspace and showcase the importance of cyber security. The computer science and related Information Technology industries have high need for capable professionals, and these events help bring together those who are passionate about this field so they get hands-on experience. Follow them live on Twitter @novahackathon.


Lehman College CodeJam 2017

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of the first-ever CodeJam at Lehman College in New York. CodeJam was started by the chapters of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) at this Bronx-based senior college that's part of The City University of New York system. Their goal is to celebrate Lehman College students’ diverse skill-set and focus on innovating for the university community.

Lehman College is a very diverse university made up of students from many different backgrounds. When NSBE heard SHPE was joining Lehman College, NSBE decided that it would be best to collaborate with the group to better serve our university’s expanding, diverse community. As part of that new alliance with one another, the group decided to design a new combination logo, and that's what they printed up for their custom die cut sticker. They started by joining the NSBE green and SHPE blue colors with a gradient that meets in the middle, which represents the new community they have created. The logo is made of two shapes that form an upright letter N (representing NSBE) and a sideways letter S (representing SHPE). Pretty cool use of typography and shape on a custom event sticker.

CodeJam is open to Lehman College students from all majors and skill levels, and it's an opportunity for participants to put their classroom learning into a real-world settings, while also making new connections and creating something innovative for Lehman College. We sponsor many different kinds of events, but lately we've been working with some technology-focused initiatives like hackathons, robotics competitions, and Startup Weekends. We love seeing youth involvement in entrepreneurial activities that can provide an educational, aspirational public service to their community.

Some background on where this all began, from the group themselves.
In Fall 2014, a group of Lehman College students banded together to establish NSBE at Lehman College and now we have partnered with the Lehman SHPE chapter to organize workshops, study sessions, talks/seminars, hackathons, and several other events throughout the year to support the goals of NSBE & SHPE and help our members from all backgrounds and majors achieve success in academia and their future careers.

You can connect with the teams and the event on their social media streams: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

LewHacks 2017


lewHacks() is the first student-based hackathon in Francis Lewis High School in Queens, New York. The organizers and participants aim to provide an opportunity for the best high school developers, designers and hackers in the New York City area to converge and to build amazing ideas. They have a custom circle sticker on our white stock with their event logo in black.

  • Participants: Any high school student with a passion for tech in the New York City area can come and participate in the hackathon.

  • Mentors: They are accepting non-high school mentor. Check their website for more details.

A hackathon is an event where developers, makers, and designers come together, and build amazing technology in a very short amount of time, usually 12 to even 48 hours. These projects are eligible for prizes, and as sponsors we hope these hackers will take their projects and go beyond the hackathon to implement and to make an impact.

We support many hackathons and tech meetups, from Startup Weekends to WordCamps, because we want to see people make a positive change in the world with technology.

Look for them through one of their various social media accounts.

Hackatown 2017



We're backers of Major League Hacking events, and the new hackathon season is underway. This weekend our kiss cut stickers are on site for Hackatown, a 24-hour competition themed on smart city innovation. Their design uses the Hackatown event name in a mixed thin-and-bold type treatment for maximum branding and also as a foundation for the Montreal skyline that soars to the top of this custom shape.

Hackathons are a typically daylong or weekend-long coding challenges where participants are allowed to work on their projects, before team project presentations and a closing ceremony. At a hackathon, teams code, design and prototype a project that's created only during the event. At the end of the coding period, teams take fives minutes to present before a jury. The submissions are usually a demonstration of the project and a plan for the future of the project.

This time around, teams will be generating ideas for city innovation so that urban spaces can become more sustainable, more connected and more usable. We wish them the best of luck, and we want to thank all of the organizers, mentors, judges and fellow sponsors. Events like Hackatown take a village, and we love know that our village is getting together to celebrate entrepreneurship and to create solutions for the issues facing our cities.

Local Hack Day: StuyHacks and UBC Hacks


We have a pair of student-led hackathons, one from a high school in Manhattan and one from a university in British Columbia. Both of these events are part of Major League Hacking, a group that brings hackers together worldwide, and this year there's a Local Hack Day on December 3rd.

A local hack day is a casual event that brings people together to build cool tech-related projects over 12 hours. It’s very beginner friendly and it's encouraged that teams share projects with other fellow hackers in the end.



StuyHacks is a student-run hackathon taking place in the heart of Manhattan. They seek to expose as many high school students as possible to the creativity and innovation that technology brings.
To us, hackathons are more than friendly competitions - they're opportunities to meet the great inventors, creators, and thinkers of the future. Our job is to eliminate the negative connotations that come with hacking and the technology field, and to instead replace them with the idea that coding something anyone can do, even in a weekend. We want to help trailblaze a new generation of diversity and enthusiasm for invention. Come join our movement.

The students are ready to go and will all get a rad custom StuyHacks logo sticker to place on their computers to commemorate their long day of hacking.


UBC Local Hack Day

UBC Local Hack Day is free to students who are currently enrolled at UBC and are majoring in Computer Science can attend. The team is working on making Local Hack Day open to all students in the future. There will be free swag and most importantly, who doesn't want to program for 12 hours straight with fellow computer science students?
Whether you're a seasoned hackathon attendee, or a first-timer, you'll learn from the mentors and from collaborating with others. You can build a project alone or with teammates and get free swag along the way. Teams build upon their unique skillsets through collaboration and most importantly, everyone shares memories that last a lifetime.

UCB Hacks has an awesome design for their custom logo stickers with elements of the landscape and the city worked into the design. It's sure to be a popular pick up as the hackathon kicks off.

IncubateDFW Hackathon 2016


IncubateDFW, part of IncubateX, is a hackathon for high school and college students in the Dallas-Forth Worth area who interested in tech and entrepreneurship. This event is one of eighteen IncubateX hackathons around the world. Their sicker is a classic look using a black on white design, with text as the primary design element. They add a visual twist when use the last two letters of their event name (IncubaTE) to add a fun geotag that spells out TEX for Texas. This sticker will play well on laptops, notebooks and bumpers everywhere. Thanks to Barista Ventures in Dallas for providing the space for this tech-infused party.

This event combines the idea of a startup weekend with the format of a hackathon to provide students with an opportunity to create their product, and to also get a working business model in 24 hours. Attendees will have various workshops to learn entirely new skills and platforms, and there will be mentors on hand to share knowledge acquired over years of experience.

Team will have 30 hours to hack together and to complete viable products that could go to market. Because IncubateDFW is an entrepreneurship hackathon, participants will have diverse skillsets, with designers, developers, and budding entrepreneurs coming together to network and build.

Go forth and hack, IncubateDFW teams!

Connect with the team on Twitter at @incubatedfw and on Facebook at @incubatedfw.