LETELLIER Skincare Helps People Age Gracefully and Live Confidently


LETELLIER Skincare is the brainchild of Kim Tellier, who had the vision to build her own skincare brand that combined her personal experiences using beauty products with that of the issues and desires of her clients at her spa.

In 2016, she shared her idea with her husband Darnell Brown, and she asked him to join her in building the business. As a seasoned brand strategist, Darnell was more than happy to assist Kim in realizing her dream. They both used their best skills and aligned toward a shared mission: healthier, holistic living.

Leaning on Kim's passion and experience in skincare meant they could bring their talents to something that mattered to them equally and many others around them.

"As an interracial couple in America, we felt we could also be ambassadors for “colorful” people in the same boat," says Tellier. "We can show them that with a good idea, a strong purpose, and massive action, anything’s possible."

They have a diverse team of four made up of two French-Canadians, one African-American and one American. Several shades of people came together behind one brand. Currently, their business is small and nimble, and is made up of passionate people who really believe in better skincare.

"Age gracefully" is their motto. To live up to this ideal, they opted for a more natural approach. They have a variety of products on their website, and today's story focuses on their Moji Toner, an exfoliating and hydrating tonic that removes dead skin cells, refines pores, and smoothes fine lines. They are using our custom matte labels to help brand this product.


You can see the labels come finished on a roll before the team at LETELLIER gets them onto to the bottles. The look is ideal for how they want their brand to play out in the world, and this treatment works on virtually any bottled product.


As they continue to develop products and grow the business, the LETELLIER brand will continue to evolve and tie in with their mission of organic skin care for all. They will help their customers age gracefully and live healthfully, while the brand will do the same.

LETELLIER chose a solid black background for their Moji Toner labels, and this is just one of the many ways you can get your designs to stand out with these custom labels. Customers appreciate labels that stand out on the shelves, and if your product is packaged in a bottle, adding a matte label to your packaging mix can bring in a soft, satin like appearance for your products.