Stickers on the Mic Podcast with Sergio Ojeda of TexMexChex Talking Tejano Music and the Culture of Accordion Music


We covered Sergio Ojeda's sticker story a few months back, and we were able to get him on Stickers on the Mic for a longer interview and even hear him play the accordion live.

Sergio has quite the musical history. His current project TexMexChex is a personification of his heritage that crosses cultures and borders with a unique sound from West Texas.

We were thrilled to hear him play few bars live of his new song that he's working on; check it out at the end of the show. His stickers are also a lot of fun, and we know that his fans must enjoy representing him and his music.

Highlights from the episode

We covered topics like how Sergio gained his sponsorship with the accordion brand Gabbinelli, how his musical educational grew by playing in the 450-member The Goin' Band from Raiderland at Texas Tech University and what's next for live music in the age of social distancing.

Sergio is rather proud of the latest single "Que Tenga Suertes," a traditional song that he's covering in a new and updated style. Give it a listen on Spotify.