Longmont Creative District uses Custom Stickers to Promote Local Shopping This Holiday Season


With the holiday shopping season already upon us, we wanted to take a second to talk about spending your hard-earned dollars in your local community.

Own Downtown Longmont with Custom Stickers

The "Shop LoCo" sticker from the Longmont Downtown Development Authority is a play on the name of the city, Longmont, Colorado (get it?), and then there's the iconic twin peaks of Mt. Meeker and Longs Peak as the die cut shape.

We take our city name from Longs Peak, and many designs around town use the skyline to our west. They they have their tagline, with the downtown messaging that subtly highlights the word "own" within downtown, to reinforce the sense of ownership that people have around town. So it's somewhat of a three-part word play, with the LoCo, then the place name of Longmont, and then the double entendre on the downtown. And all on a custom shaped sticker! This design and it's smaller size will make it perfect for a bike tube or a water bottle, and we see lots of travel in its future. The best part of a custom logo sticker is that's a portable billboard.

Promoting Your Local Community

Like with most cities, we have a group of folks that are working hard to promote our local economy. Here in Longmont, it's the Longmont Downtown Development Authority.

This group is tasked with revitalizing Longmont's commercial core. The entire area encompasses 242 acres, and since its inception in 1982, more than $45 million in public and private funds have been invested in new and renovated buildings in the Longmont Creative District. And for what's worth, it's working, and in a major way. Longmont's Main Street has attracted many new restaurant concepts, craft stores, music stores, breweries, and public spaces where the residents and visitors of Longmont can come play, shop and share in the community.

One of our favorite parts about the LDDA is that they hold events year round, especially the parades. We love parades! The LDDA holds five official parades, along with dozens of other events.
MISSION: To develop, support and promote a vital and valuable Downtown Longmont. Through strategic development and programs, the LDDA makes downtown appealing to businesses, residents and visitors.

Remind Customers That You're There With a Sticker

Shop Small is the Small Business Saturday campaign from American Express that focuses on the day after Black Friday, where people are encouraged to stay close to home, and this sticker helps reinforce that message.

If you're on the team with a Business Improvement District or a Central Business District organization, you should test out our logo and promotional stickers, as they help get your message out into the local community. We've printed up a few different designs for the LDDA, and we see these stickers all around the State of Colorado. This way, people will know you're open for business, all year round.