Matte logo stickers with a design that doesn't settle promote Elk Grove Aquatics Club


The Elk Grove Aquatics Club has an inspiring motto: Never Settle. By putting their alligator mascot in a few poses with their slogan on a matte die cut sticker, they have a message that will motivate their swimmers and empower their fans.

They are committed to providing a program that will help every swimmer reach their full potential, as a swimmer and a member of the community. They put a strong emphasis on teamwork, character, and hard work that can be applied to all facets of life. With a sticker that can go on the back of the family van, on a school notebook, or in a locker, they've built a piece of promotion that will get their club into the community to share their story.

Elk Grove Aquatics Club has been providing a positive experience for swimmers of all ages for over 20 years. They have a team of highly trained coaches working with their Head Coach to help each swimmer succeed. They are a year-round, competitive league in the Sierra Nevada Local Swim Commitee (LSC) of USA Swimming. This means that each swimmer and family has access to a wide range of resources from both a local team and a national swimming organization. They are all about character and community, and this shows through their various swim groups, partner organizations, and their active social media accounts that promote their events and highlight the hard work of their swimmers.

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Our die cut stickers help any type of sports team engage with fans and create loyalty long after the meet or the match is over. Whether you're a private club or a school team, you have players and members that want to represent their pride and their hard work. A sticker is an economical and efficient way to give your fans their own reward for supporting you. By putting your brand into their hands, they can be out in the community as your ambassador. The use of the mascot in both stickers give a variety of options for fans, and those in the know will understand the simple mascot without text, and for those folks that haven't heard of your team, giving them a memorable phrase guarantees they'll remember you the next time they think of anything related to your sport or design.