Meet Al: The Bluebird of Happiness


Meet one of the Press Operators for us here at StickerGiant. Al is an expert in printing all our stickers and labels coming through the shop and he inspires happiness in us all.

Hey Al!

My name is Allen LaFollette, and this is my sticker story.

What Do You Do?

My name is Allen LaFollette, and this is my sticker story. I'm the press operator for the 4500 and the 6800 Indigo presses, and my job is to keep those things running, full tilt boogie. I've got a extensive background in printing. I started out as a contractor for IBM running the high-speed Hitachi machines. Then their color program, which was a Zikon machine. About thirteen years worth there, and I've been here about six years, running the Indigos, which I have to say I like the machine much better.

What's Your Story?

I'm a tile setter, and I also drive a bus. And I'm an artist and I've got an art show coming up in November. So gotta buckle down and get some painting stuff. When I'm not working or doing any of that, I get a long ways away. Usually try to get up above 10,000 feet with the Jeep. I'm either fishin' or camping.

What Your Favorite Part About StickerGiant?

The fact they give us a chance to grow. They sent me to class, and now I'm now I'm certified level two for both presses, which is nice. So if you want learn or take classes or have an opportunity, they really stand behind that and that I admire very much.

What Else?

I started this line item on the board that's titled the "Bluebird of Happiness, so my job is to go around and ask a question that pertains to happiness or you know, research some scientific data and come up with quotes or just something goofy and as a result, I really got to know people here. And they've gotten to know me and some of the responses are definitely entertaining and then some are real-eye opening. I guess it helped me in a lot of ways because you always think you're happy. You think I got a pretty good line on my life, but something could happen. You could lose someone or you could encounter something devastating and you start to take a look at your happiness, a little closer and in doing this, it's helped me in many ways so one hand washes the other, I guess.