Meet Ilene the Party Planner, Finance Director and Baker of Birthday Cakes

Meet Ilene

Get to know another member of Team StickerGiant, Meet Ilene. She is the person behind all the finances of the company, baker of birthday cakes, Hello Kitty fan and an all around amazing person.

Watch Ilene tell her story and hear about her experience here at StickerGiant.

My name is Ilene and this is my sticker story.

What do you do?

I've been here for over eight years with StickerGiant. I started out as the bookkeeper and now the Finance Director. I've had many, many titles here though. I've been the baker of the birthday cakes. I've been the party planner and order taker of office supplies, like toilet paper and chocolate.

What's your background?

I am a mother of twin boys who are now 19 years old. That is basically how I met John Fischer, CEO of stickergiant. We were working on a fundraiser for the boys elementary school and he came in saying "I need a bookkeeper. Do you know anybody?" and I raised my hand.

What's your favorite part about StickerGiant?

The people make the company and it feels like a family.

What else?

I also like to crochet and right now, we've had two brand new babies born in the StickerGiant family and one to come in November, so I've been busy crocheting little booties and little crowns because they have been girls.