Put the Solar System in Your Pocket with Sticker Sheets at Edelman Planetarium


Look to the skies and put the Solar System in your pocket at the Edelman Planetarium with custom sticker sheets.

Yesterday was pretty amazing to see so many people stop what they were doing, put on solar glasses and look to the sky as we witnessed a Solar Eclipse. It's just one event that occurs in our large Milky Way Galaxy though and some are celebrating it all the time. Edelman Planetarium at Rowan University is one of the spots to go for an immersive 360-degree stargazing experience with their digital sky.

The Frederic and Jean Edelman Planetarium is not just for students of the university but is a public resource for astronomical information and education around natural sciences. They do a lot of work with school groups of all ages and their domed theater serves as the main attraction giving us a look into what's beyond our night's sky in outer space.

In celebration of educating people about our solar system, the Edelman Planetarium printed up these really neat custom sticker sheets with the planets, sun and asteroid belts as custom peel off stickers. They even labeled each one in English and Spanish. This is such a creative and interactive way to reinforce teaching others about the elements of our solar system.

Creativity through sticker sheets is always fun to see but educating with sticker sheets is one that makes us super proud to make stickers everyday.