Modern Plate Believes That Busy Days Deserve Good Food


Modern Plate is a new Denver-based food service business that believes busy days deserve good food.

Started up during the pandemic, this meal delivery food service concept helps their customer by removing the planning, prep, and clean-up when cooking at home. While it might seem that everyone has been at home for the past year and that there would be plenty of time for home-cooked meals—but that's not the case, says Samantha Glenn, COO of Modern Plate and a strategist at Peak Refreshments. A food service company like Modern Plate can help add ease and convenience to even a relaxed day at home.

"Most meal delivery services don't have family-style, mostly single portions and servings," Glenn says. "We are trying to create a new niche and fill the vacuum in the space. With our hands-free cooking meal options, we allow customers to unwind from a busy day without compromising on your taste buds, wallet, or time."

Peak Refreshments is the parent brand for Modern Plate, and they provide fresh meals onsite to a variety of businesses in the Denver Metro area. Peak Refreshments have 85 employees who stock break room markets with single-serve fresh meals, snacks, and beverages – all available 24/7 via a self-service kiosk.

"This is absolutely a Covid-era idea," says Glenn. "Peak Refreshments does the office services side, so the infrastructure was in place to piggyback and leverage the resources and understanding, including some of the hardware like our vending machines."


Modern Plate entered the market as they saw office closings and social distancing drastically lowering the demand for in-office meals, prompting the shift to offering at-home food service. "We’ve seen increased demand from clients in manufacturing, distribution, and healthcare who are all running long shifts to meet the demands of the city," Glenn says. "Peak Refreshments wanted to assist these workers by providing additional meal offerings at their work, and even extending to their home, and Modern plate was born."

"We are now partnering with city organizations and churches to distribute affordable, easy, and hearty meals," says Glenn. "We’ll donate 20% of total proceeds back to any church or nonprofit organization that wants to partner with us in getting meals to their communities."

Modern Plate uses products labels on their delivery bags, food containers, and they use logo stickers to give a longer lasting brand impression. Their orange color palette, simple tagline, and tasteful graphics creates a welcoming customer experience and consistent brand identity. They use a mix of stickers and labels: labels for to-go containers, reinforcing the food inside and logo stickers to go on refrigerated items such as water bottles or reminder promopts.  Many businesses use both stickers and labels, and Modern Plate has clearly thought through how to leverage both types of products to enhance their brand.


This service is not just for those at home. Modern Plate also promotes business to add their free standing, self-service freezer for grab n’ go dinners. Modern Plate sees that employees love the convenience of hassle-free dinners, helping them relax after work and rejuvenate for another day ahead. This initiative is a way to increase employee retention and satisfaction with an ongoing meal perk, "Many companies are seeking ways to attract and retain top talent," Glenn says.

The Modern Plate service zone includes the Denver Metro area (to the outskirts of Castle Rock, Morrison, Boulder, Fort Collins, Watkins). They offer same-day delivery on orders submitted by 10:00am (Monday-Friday). Orders will be delivered by 7:00 pm. Friday afternoon and Weekend orders will be delivered on Monday.

When used together like this example from Modern Plate, custom product labels and logo stickers can help build a strong brand that customers won't soon forget, especially when it comes to planning that next family dinner.