New England Sign Setters Help Real Estate Agents With Outdoor Marketing Services


New England Sign Setters was started to solve a problem for real estate agents and brokers in the Northeast. In 2013, Kevin Bochner was working in real estate when he realized that most agents and brokers were self-installing signs to list properties. He decided to start up his own sign setting and removal business to service the market of realtors in his area.

In the seven years that they've been in business, New England Sign Setters has helped thousands of realtors and brokers set up over ten thousand signs on properties across Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, and they are expanding their business into Vermont and Maine as well. They send the stickers to clients as a promotional item within their documents, and since the design has their logo and phone number it helps drive new business inquiries. At their office, they have a stand with individual labels for grab-and-go on the front desk, so this particular piece of marketing is a workhorse for their brand. After all, their job is to help with outdoor marketing and branding, so it all comes together in their sticker. The New England Sign Setters team is using a glossy labels on a roll to help get out the message for their services, and it's working!

They also use these labels to brand various parts of their business, from information packets to inventory in the barn warehouse and workshop in North Kingston, Rhode Island, and from that location they can travel throughout the region to install and remove signs. "New England is small, and everything is relatively close," says Lucy Myers, one of the owners of New England Sign Setters. "For our closer customers, we offer free panel pick up and storage for the hundreds of brokerages that we work with." All that the team at New England Sign Setters needs is 48-72 hours advance notices, and then it's only $49 per residential post on the install fee. With their quick turnaround and low cost, they are a sought-after group to work with. The team is looking to expand warehouses throughout New England, and with their customer-first mentality and high level of service, there's no doubt that they will close the deal.