360Rocks Helps Businesses Reach Their Goals

StickerGiant-360-Rocks-Custom-Oval-Stickers-Water-Bottle-blog-sized360Rocks is a strategic guidance system for entrepreneurial leaders who want to create change through leadership development and sustainable operation. The team at 360Rocks has the tools business owners need to help crystallize their vision, to build a healthy organizational culture, and to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. They are live music fans, nature lovers, thinkers and doers who can help businesses succeed in their industry while changing the world and having some fun along the way.

Maria Kingery started 360Rocks to help other businesses implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (or EOS®), which comes from the book Traction by Gino Wickman. Maria is the Founding Principal of 360Rocks and co-founder of Southern Energy Management, a Certified B Corporation since 2009. With over 20 years of experience in the social entrepreneurship world, Maria's passion is helping other purpose-driven leaders to achieve their vision to positively impact the world and to create great companies to work for. “After running EOS at Southern Energy for about 2 years, I had complete trust in our team to continue to take the business the direction we all wanted," says Maria. "With that, I decided to take a step back and pursue my dream of working with other purpose-driven leaders in improving their operations and workplace culture."

The 360Rocks custom logo sticker is a matte die cut in an oval shape and it features the company name) and their tagline, Emerging Together. "Our stickers go everywhere," says Mel Hubner, who joined the 360Rocks team in March 2020 as their Impact Associate and B Local Advocate. "We put them on water bottles, training materials, and anything that needs a little branding touch before it goes out into the world."


When it comes to EOS, it's important to have an implementor, which is where 360Rocks steps in. Their team works with leadership teams to create positive change in their organization through EOS Implementation as well as their  12-month program that focuses on personal growth while enhancing professional skills and key leadership tools. 
"As business owners, EOS gave us the tools to bring an amazing team together and to grow a truly sustainable organization," Maria says. "As an EOS Implementer, I’m thrilled to see our clients co-creating positive change with their healthy teams every day, and I’m very honored to be part of their journey.”

Making the decision to use EOS and Traction requires a buy-in from the leadership team at a company, and then teaching the system to employees at all levels. It's a shared language and common goal that unites EOS companies.  StickerGiant has been running EOS for almost five years, and it's transformed how our teams meet, how our company plans and how our staff grows and learns.

One key component in EOS is marketing and branding, and as you can see, the 360Rocks brand drives home their mission to create unity and sustainability through their custom stickers that act as a multi-purpose workhorse for their business.