Next Gen Summit Brings Young Entrepreneurs to New York


We've got a classic white-and-black custom square sticker heading to New York for the Next Gen Summit 2017 where a weekend of networking, collaboration and inspiration awaits.

The Next Gen Summit bills themselves as a "premier conference for the world's most creative and intelligent young game-changers to connect and collaborate in-person."

And they back it up with results: the 2016 edition brought 500 attendees and over 30 industry-leading speakers from six of the seven continents, and 20-plus investors backed by over a billion dollars in capital helped solidify this event as one for young entrepreneurs to circle on their calendars. This show has received its share of media attention, and it's been featured in Forbes (who called this gathering a "Must Attend" event), Entrepreneur, Inc, Huffington Post and USA Today.

When we print up these custom square die cut stickers, we know that the crack-and-peel backing makes for most-portable and most-iconic branding for a logo. Their logo uses a classic black type on white background color mix, with a unique logo using the "N" of Next and an arrow serving almost as a True North on a compass rose. It's modern, yet timeless. The mixed type treatment below for the full event branding helps give weight to the word Next in bold and then a lighter type treatment for the rest of the name. For a 4x4-inch sticker, this die cut really does a lot on a small canvas.

Big thanks to the organizing team for all of their hard work behind the scenes. We look forward to following the event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.