Oval Stickers Build Brand Awareness and Community For La Belle Rosette Espresso & Wine Bar


When customers pay for their latte or muffin at La Belle Rosette Espresso and Wine Bar on University Avenue in Denver, they're greeted by a stack of oval stickers that are free for the taking, and customers certainly do.

All around the University of Denver (DU) campus that borders this coffee shop, you'll see students on laptops sporting this sticker, or you'll see it on a water bottle in the student center. As these stickers travel, they help bring the La Belle Rosette brand into the community that surrounds their location.

La Belle Rosette is an institution on the DU campus, as students, faculty and staff congregate for meetings, meetups and study sessions. This family operated neighborhood cafe is an espresso bar by day and wine bar by night. Customers can enjoy their delicious espressos, coffees, loose-leaf teas, and pastries made from scratch and breakfast-lunch menu. Once work and classes are done for the day, customers come back to sample the tapas menu that's thoughtfully paired with signature cocktails, wines and beers.

For people who need to do some serious networking or hold a business meeting, they have a conference room that people can book, and for those that have meetings or events that require food and beverages, La Belle Rosette offers catering services.

On January 2, 2009 La Belle Rosette Coffee Shop opened for business, calling themselves "the narrowest coffee shop west of the Mississippi." Then in August of 2012, they opened their second location across the street from the University of Denver. By February 2014 they had created the wine bar atmosphere and evening schedule to accommodate more customers through the day.


What we like about this oval sticker is that it's simple, yet iconic. They have their brand name La Belle Rosette in a text wrap on the top and bottom, with the tagline Espresso & Wine Bar running through the middle of the oval. With a classic serif font in black type on a white background, they have the ultimate contrast for a sticker that can be seen from afar. The name of the establishment is a tribute to the family's grandmothers, Mae Rose and Jeanette, with both names coming together as one.

Not only do they have a great location near a college campus, but they have relaxing atmosphere were people can meet and have a cup of coffee and either relax or have a meeting. The food menu serves a diverse palette, and their coffee and drink menu is the perfect compliment to the food and the space. Plus with every customer who reaches the register, they create an opportunity to make a connection and get their story out into the world, one custom sticker at a time.