Adobe Custom Stickers Ask Designers to Color Outside the Lines


To promote the official release of the new Adobe Color web experience ( on May 7th, the Adobe Color team printed these stickers as a giveaway for the launch event at the 99U conference in New York City. By picking a small, bold piece of marketing collateral, they were able give away a branded item that was fun, aesthetically pleasing, and put color front and center.
"I chose StickerGiant specifically for the fast turnaround and color accuracy. I have used you before personally for stickers, as well as in my past professional roles. I find the colors are always exactly the same as my print proof, the stickers are of high quality and last even in hard use situations, like on my laptop." -Hep, Product Manager of Adobe Capture & Adobe Color

99U is Adobe’s resource and event series designed to help creatives level up their work and make ideas happen. If you're doing creative work, 99U wants to help creatives build an incredible, lasting career.


Attendees around sticker table. Photo Credit: Ryan Muir for Adobe 99U

More About the New Adobe Color Experience

The new Adobe Color experience is an online tool that allows you to mix color for designs in print and digital. When you start using the tool, you can create the perfect palette by choosing a base color and applying Adobe's Color Rules. Bonus: A designer can convert their custom color themes to Pantone swatches and then download them to use in desktop applications. Be sure to check out the new Explore page, where they pick the best inspiration from across the Adobe Creative world, and the Trends page that has dynamic uses of color across platforms and industries.

Now for a deeper dive into these custom shaped rectangle stickers. The dominant background element is the dark blue and then a cyan color that mimics a paint splash. The foreground features large typography with the text COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES in a repeating drop shadow in different colors. It's one of those designs where the words and the color work together in perfect harmony to get the message across. It's tough to do that on a 4x3 inch sticker, but the design team at Adobe really brought it all home with this one.